Sunday, June 12, 2011

In 3 short months...

this girl's shirt (and our dream) is coming true...

Did you catch it? It says BIG SISTER! I thought I'd better ask and make sure you got it because there were a couple people (and I won't mention and dad) who didn't get it...Natee was wearing this shirt around their house for forever...I asked them if they liked her shirt and they said "'s very cute...big sister...cute"...and not until we got to the restaurant and had been there for a while did my mom get a funny look on her face and ask if Natee's shirt was suppose to mean something...yes means something :) I was getting all antsy for my brother and my sis-in-law Britt to get to the restaurant because I knew they would get it right away...they were there for like 2 seconds before they both had a little gasp and asked what was going on! And...quick funny story until I move on to more details about our big news...the restaurant that we were at just happens to be the place that Sam and Britt took my parents to when they told them about being pregnant with Ole...I had no idea...we (Jon and I) had never been to this place and no one knew that we had any news at all to tell...we all had a good laugh about that one! :) want some details...alright...I suppose I can do that :)

Settle we go!

A couple months ago we were contacted by a friend that had a friend who found out she was pregnant...she wasn't sure that she wanted to even look into adoption but as time went on she asked our friend more about it. When she found out about us and that we were wanting to adopt she asked if we could meet...of course we were super excited to meet her even though we knew that she might be keeping her baby. We had a great night with her and our friend and by the end of the night we felt like we had known her all our lives (I mean we found out we share a love for the Minnesota could you not be good friends after that!). She had told us that night that she was really going to think it over and pray about it and that she had a date in mind that she would make her final decision. The night she called will be a night I won't ever was a Tuesday night and I was on my way home from work when she and our friend called me. She told us that night that she had prayed about it and really felt a peace about her decision and she wanted Jon and I to adopt her baby! I wanted to cry I was so happy! She has truly given us the best gift...we keep reminding her about that :) We have since gotten together a few times and we really like to spend time with such a short time we have really developed a love for her and I think she likes us too (is that right Rebekah?!?!). As I blog about her and our baby I'll probably refer to her as our birthmom or Rebekah (which is her middle name) 'cause that will help in identifying who I am talking about but also keep some privacy for all of us :) If that's okay with all of you...thanks...I knew it would be :) So say that we are excited is an understatement...we are over the moon and already so in love with this baby that will grace us with his or her presence in the beginning of September (September 12th is the due date)...and yes...I did say him OR her because we do not know the sex of the baby yet...Rebekah asked us if we wanted to know and we told her that it was whatever she wanted...she told us that it was our baby and our decision so we said that we wouldn't mind being surprised and so she didn't find out :) The ultrasound looked great and so far baby has had a strong heartbeat. Everything looks to be going perfect! We just ask that you all keep baby in your prayers that he/she will continue to develop healthy and strong and we ask that you pray for an easy pregnancy for our birthmom (that would be nice huh Rebekah?!?!). Thank you all for your prayers and for being excited for us as well...and what is our saying?!?! Yep...God is good...all the time! Here's a sneak peak at babybug! (I call Natee...Nateebug so I thought it was only appropriate to call baby... babybug until he or she gets their name!) :)

Is this not the cutest little picture...he or she is sucking on its hand!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pretty Girl

Isn't she so pretty:

We had a fun day going out to one of our favorite places and taking some pictures last case you don't recognize it it is out at Valley Grove...where our other kids are's not far from our house and it's so pretty out there so we like to go out there now that it is summer we have flowers to water! :) So I just thought I'd share some of the pictures we took...hope you enjoy!

And of course while we were out there Miss Natalee had to lose her footing and land right on the corner of a headstone and split her chin right open...I felt so bad for her and thought maybe we were going to need some stitches (those corners are sharp!) but it cleaned up okay and didn't look as bad once it started to clot...we got her a new shirt and she was all smiles again :)

Can you see her nice boo boo...sorry the picture is a little off...I was trying to hold her at the same time :)