Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Extreme Bedroom Makeover wasn't our bedroom...and no...this post really isn't about the babies! Can you believe it! I thought I'd actually blog about something else! in laws, Jim and Maralee, are going to be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary pretty soon so we thought we'd do something nice for them. Anyway, my sis-in-law Annette, came up with the idea and we all jumped on board. So we went shopping, picked out the paint colors, arranged for them to be gone most of the day (thanks Larry and Caryll), and we went to work. I wish I had pictures of the before but they are on someone elses camera...Jon forgot to take some with mine as I had to work at the salon when they started doing the room (but on a side note...I did bring out pizza when I was done working...that should count for something right!)...oh well...the finished product is the most important! Well Jim and Maralee got home about and hour before we were done so they had to wait patiently downstairs until we were done...and I think that was pretty hard for Maralee:) And the kids were so was equally as hard for them not to spill the beans about what their parents and aunts and uncles were doing upstairs. But here is the finished product:

Isn't it pretty! I love the blue that we picked out...and the bedspread has trees on it that are in brown tones so we accented in brown...I just love how it turned out...I want my bedroom done!
I think she was surprised...and I think she liked it ;)
Phew...a good response from Jim too! The only comment he made was that he thinks we've been watching too many of those home makeover shows! Oh...and Jon put a Barbie doll on one of the wood chests in their room...he didn't care much for that...but he didn't realize that it was just a joke!
All the kids with Nana and Papa!
Okay...on a side note....everything with the babies seems to still be going good...they are really starting to move fact one of them just kicked me...that's always exciting to feel! Jon is getting anxious to feel them but so far nothing. Well...the other night I think baby B was flipping 'cause I got a hard rock at the top of my tummy so I told Jon to come quick...he did feel that and then it just disappeared...he/she must have wanted a new position! :) And then I did get diagnosed with gestational diabetes on Monday...I was pretty sure I'd get it again this time around and I was secretly hoping that they would just say that I did have it so that I wouldn't have to come back and drink anymore of that nasty sugary sludge. So...on to the diabetic diet...I can do it:) Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Very Good Appointment!

Okay...I will start off with the good news first. There is not a third baby in there...still just two..whew! I think Jon was actually worried about least on the way down to our appointment he voiced his concerns. I think it has something to do with the fact that I had told him a story about how this couple knew they were having twins...but then two weeks before she gave birth they discovered baby #3 in there as well. Well...we only have two...but they are two very healthy babies so far. So now I will get to the good, good news! Both hearts look perfect. There doesn't seem to be any problems...they could see all the parts of the heart very clearly so as of right now I don't believe we are going to do the fetal echo cardiogram...Jon and I don't see a need for it and neither does our doctor. But if ever in the future we do, it is still an option for us. Their heartbeats were good...154 for baby A and 146 for baby B...anyone have any predictions for us based on the heart rates? We were very good and did not find out the sexes...for a minute there I thought Jon was going to cave and want to know, but she turned the screen away when she got close to "the parts" and only the ultrasound tech knows (which she's probably forgotten by now!)...but motherly instinct still says it's a boy and a girl...we will see! And our ultrasound tech kept saying...oh...this looks like a cute baby...and this one is cute too. I told Jon that she had to say that...but she corrected me and said that even that morning during an ultrasound she did not say that to one couple! ha! We thought that was pretty funny! We are about half way doctor told me that I was right in thinking that...he said it again that he likes it when twins come at 37 weeks and some come a little before that. Well our babies seem to be preparing to come a bit early as they are measuring A was 19 weeks 5 days (about 11 oz) and baby B was 19 weeks (about 9 oz)...according to my calculations they should only be 18 weeks 3 days and according to Mayo they should only be 18 weeks 1 they are little porkers! That's okay though...rather have them a little bigger and healthier...this is so much different than Emmalee...she was always small and not much fluid...and these babies have always measured a little bit bigger and they have lots of fluid...praise God! The only drawback yesterday was that I had to do my blood glucose test and I failed! I knew I was going too...I just wish it wasn't so soon that I had to do it since now I'll have to be on a diet and I love my sugar:)...I told my doctor that there really wasn't a point to doing the 3 hour test and I'll just go on the diet...but he told me that there was and so I have to schedule that this next week...bummer. Now I have to get down one more of those sugary drinks...yuck! Does anybody else think that it kinda burns going down? Well I guess that's about it...all seems to be going fine...I'm continuing to get bigger and bigger....the top of my uterus should be at my belly button (if I was having one baby)...well mine is at least 4 inches higher than wonder I already feel like I am 7-8 months pregnant! And I have officially gained just as much as I did with I am well on my way! Nothing else is too new at the Feldman house. Our friends Darin and Tanya are coming up for a couple days this week so that will be fun! And after our appointment yesterday we got together with our friends Mike and Cayla and their kids...hopefully we get to see them one more time before they head back to Alaska. Well hope you all have a great week...and I'll leave you with a couple ultrasound pictures!

Baby A's profile...looks pretty cute...this one was a little more cooperative but still very squirmy...makes me a little nervous! Maybe I have two little Jon's on my hands! :)

Baby B's profile...just as cute! This one was the problem child when we were trying to find all the heart stuff...he/she kept moving and then decided to lay on it's belly...and this one is located more at the top so it was a little more difficult to get in there.
A meeting of the minds! Both of their heads were together at one point so we got a picture...these babies move so minute baby A was breech the next head down...just as long as he or she is head down when it comes time for us to meet them!
Jon's favorite picture...both sets of feet...too cute!