Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Latest Installment

Hey there everyone! Here are some more scrapbook pages for you! :)

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14 (Do you like how I did the "stitching" on the lettering?! I thought it was pretty clever and turned out really cute)

Page 15

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18

Page 19


So there you have it...I still have a few more to post for you guys but I didn't want to overwhelm you ;) Nothing too new on our front...we are still in the book and we are still waiting :) Work has been busy...back-to-school time! Everyone has to get looking good :) The Bible Study is going's not to late to join if you want...come and check us out! Oh...and I was always going to post the link to our church's sermons and I forgot to do click here and you will be taken right to them. I am such a slacker and the one I thought was really good is no longer on there...but they are all good...Pastor Reigstad is such a gifted speaker and preacher...we are very blessed to have him!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's up!

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that the Bible Study blog is now up! It still needs a little I'll be doing that as time goes on but for now...I think it's a good start! We will be starting tomorrow (Wednesday) but we're going to take it slow at first so if you don't see this post for a little while...then just know it's not too late for you to join in! here's the address:

I really didn't want to name it that...I didn't want it to have my name in it at all because I just don't feel like it's my thing...I think it's for all of us...I just happen to be the one who got it up and going...but...would you know...there are a lot of blogs out there...and every name that I tried someone already had that blog! So...I thought...why least it would be easy for you all to remember since all my other blogs have started out with Feldman (feldmanbaby...feldmancrew). So there you have it. Hope to see you over there as well!

Also, I'd like to answer the couple questions that I got from my last post:

Q: Can you adopt just from Minnesota or can you adopt from anywhere in the US?

A: Yes...we can adopt from anywhere...we completed our homestudy so that makes us able to adopt anywhere domestically. Now if we get a baby through the agency then that baby will be from Minnesota (most likely) but no, we are able to adopt from anywhere else in the U.S. We would just need to find a lawyer in that state to represent us...different legal stuff in different states and our lawyer from MN isn't able to practice out of state. So..good question...if anyone knows of anyone looking to give up their baby for adoption, we are willing to travel :)

Q: Does your scanner scan 12x12?

A: I wish! No...actually the pages I did for the adoption scrapbook had to be 8x8 (my first time scrapbooking that size...usually I do 12x12) so they fit perfectly on my scanner. I do know that they have scanners that size, but unfortunately mine isn't...I would like to do the same thing and back up some of my scrapbooks!

Well I guess that's it...I'd better run and get ready for work! Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Little Housekeeping

Okay...maybe that title should be what I should be doing instead of writing this post but oh I go anyway:) I have a few things I have been meaning to get on here so I'm going to do that tonight...first off I wanted to showcase my sister-in-law Britt's artwork that she has done for us this past year. She is very talented and even has a website that you can check out and if you want her to do any artwork for you! I'd definitely check it out...she's very affordable and very talented! How about a pencil drawing of your kids, or a new wall hanging for your living room...okay...I'm done plugging for her but seriously...check her out! Here's the work she did for us...we love them both:

This is the one we got for Mother's and Father's Day from both Sam and Britt and my mom and dad...isn't that a sweet picture...our kids...walking with Jesus right now...I can just picture it...and then one day...they are going to come running to us...give us a great big hug and kiss...and then grab our hands and take us to meet Him...what a good day that will be!
This is the picture I had Britt do for Jon for Father's depicts that God has us all in His hands...Jon here on Earth...and all our babies with Him in Heaven...a very comforting thought!

Second order of business....remember when I asked awhile back if anyone had any questions about the adoption stuff...well...Britt was the only one to ask but I still haven't gotten her answers on here they are:

Q: Do you think you'll be there for the delivery? I suppose it depends on the birth mom's preference, but do a lot do that?
A: I don't you said it will depend on what the birth mom wants. Sometimes they invite the couple in...I know one of my clients was right there to witness the birth of their baby girl, but other times they are just more comfortable with their family and friends with them...if that is the case they will put us in a room (or so we've heard) and bring the baby to us after he/she is born. We don't care either way...on one hand it would be really neat to be in there to witness the birth but we also don't want to make her we'll just wait and see what happens:)
Q: How soon after they are born do you get to take them home?
A: Well the baby usually will have to be kept at least overnight if not two nights to be monitored and make sure they are doing alright but then they are free to go home, so most likely we will be able to take them home from the hospital when they are discharged. That is how it is usually done now days, unless a mom takes a baby home intending to raise him or her herself and then changes her mind and puts them up for adoption...but most now days go home from the hospital with you...which is really exciting!

Also...this isn't a question Britt had but I thought I'd throw it out here the baby goes home with you but the mom has to wait 3 days until she can even sign the paperwork that she is giving her baby up for adoption...but she has 60 full days to sign it. Once she does sign the paperwork it then takes 10 working days (or 14 full days) for it to become legal. Once those 14 days are up the baby is yours and she can not come back and try to get him or her back. So...I think until those days are up we will be a little bit nervous...we will be so happy and excited but I think in the back of our heads we'll be wondering if she's going to change her mind. So we are praying that she will want to sign right away, but they tell us that's not usually the case and to not worry if it takes her awhile...she's probably not changing her mind but it's probably a scheduling thing or she can't get a ride or she's plain just not feeling that great (she just had a baby you know!) and that she'll get to it eventually. case any of you were wondering...that's it...
Q: If you decide to adopt multiple times, do you do the paperwork and meetings again, or is that all a one-time deal?
A: The paperwork is a little less, but yes there is still paperwork. You have to do all the background checks again...just in case you committed a crime since the last time you filed :) Also, you do have to do your homestudy's once a that means if we still haven't gotten picked by June of next year we need to do the homestudy part again and get that all up to's not quite as expensive but it still does cost a bit. So...let's all pray for a if we weren't already:) I don't think you have to do the meetings so that will keep the cost down a little more the next time around. They say that it is a little easier the second time we'll see...

Okay...question and answer time over...let me know if you have any more :) And now...the third order of business...I'm going to start doing installments of my scrapbook pages...there are too many to do in just one or two posts so...check back for new's the first few:

Page 1
Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

So...what do you think? I like how it came out...the colors are obviously better in person, but I thought the scans came out alright.
And my last order of business...the blog for the Bible Study will be up and running next week (hopefully Monday) so check back here and I'll let you know all the details. I'm very excited for this and for the chance to connect with you all that want to participate! I hope you all at least come on over and check it out once :) So...more detail on that next week!
Well...I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week...I'm back at work after vacation last week and let me tell you...I am busy! It's so nice to feel wanted! So...take care and I'll chat with you later!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

That's right! I figured I might as well embrace it and announce here that I am one year older! I really do love birthday's 'cause it's the one day a year that you can celebrate yourself...and get whatever you want! Well maybe that last statement isn't true...but I'd like to think it is :) ha! Yesterday we went to the Cheesecake Factory with my was a lot of fun. I don't think my dad had ever been there so while looking at the menu he what is this place known for...ummm...Cheesecake! Actually I think they do have very good food and one dish in particular is my favorite (Spicy Cashew Chicken) but really, you do go for that piece of cheesecake in the end. My choice...Oreo Mudslide...yum! Today we are getting together with some of Jon's family and going for lunch to a place called Hogan's a little sandwich shop in our town and for your birthday you get a free sandwich and drink...which really is a genius plan since they only have to give away one sandwich and yet I am bringing in all these other people to eat...oh's my birthday and I'll take them up on their free sandwich! I'm not sure what we are doing tonight but I woke up to a note from Jon that he'll try to take off early so we can go do something :) Hmmm...what to do, what to do...

I feel like we shouldn't go out an do anything since we were just on vacation...that's right...I didn't mention that we were going on vacation! That's because I heeded the warnings that they've been giving on the news not to mention things like that on your blog or your Facebook page so people don't come and rob you...although I'm not sure I have anything worth stealing but I still thought I'd play it safe! We had a wonderful vacation though...our first real summer vacation...we went up to Brainerd, which is only about 3 hours from us but a whole world away! It is so beautiful up there...the lakes are so clear! We have family up there (hi Ross, Debbie, Ellie, and Molly!) and so we were able to spend some time with them...Ross got a boat for us to take out and we went out on Sunday and enjoyed Gull Lake. Man there are some beautiful houses up there...we can just dream can't we! And then for lunch we docked and picked up pizza...what a simple thing but man was that fun! I could sure get use to lake life! The day was perfect and then it had to rain...we got pretty soaked...but we still had fun! Then on Monday we took another boat out from the resort we stayed at (it was a nice little place right on the water...nothing fancy but reasonable and clean and very nice) and went out fishing with the whole gang. I think it was Molly's first time and I think we got her hooked on fishing! Hopefully the rest of her family doesn't mind! We had a good day of fishing...and we caught a few keepers! Mostly bass and sunfish. We had so much fun that we forgot to eat lunch and it was about 3 before we all realized we were hungry and by the time the boys got the fish cleaned it was around 4. After we ate we just went back and relaxed a bit...we were tired from all the sun and fresh air! On Tuesday we went with a guide out to do a little fishing (did I mention that we went fishing on our vacation?!?)...that day I learned a few more fishing techniques...and I learned that I like the easy way of fishing with a bobber and I don't care if I'm just catching sunny's! But it was fun to learn and we did catch walleye and bass. And then that night we went back to Ross and Debbie's for supper and card games...we learned a few new ones and now we can't wait to play them was fun! Then on Wednesday and Thursday we didn't do any fishing but a little shopping (I got a seatbelt purse...I was so excited!...and yes...if you want me to I can post a picture for you!) and just hung around and relaxed! So that's it...Jon had to go back to work on Friday :( and I have to go back tomorrow :( But that's's good to get back to a routine too.

Well anyway...I guess that's it...I'm sitting here watching Kate Gosselin on the Today are two people that were very blessed to be given 8 beautiful children and here they are throwing their marriage away. Kind of frustrating to watch. I think that's why I am having a hard time celebrating this birthday...feel like I am getting old...and while so many of you keep telling me how young I am I don't feel that way...I feel like time is slipping past and we still haven't been able to have children...I really did think I'd have all my children before I turned 30...that was my goal and if there is one thing I've learned (who am I kidding...I've learned a lot) from our ordeal is that our plans are not God's plans and I have to give him control of my life...I don't have it anyway...He does..but I so wanted to be a young mom 'cause I grew up with very young mom just turned 50 and has a 28 year old...if I'm lucky enough (I mean blessed) I will maybe have a 20 year old by the time I'm 50. And to think back if we would have been blessed to have a baby when we first started trying we would have an almost 4 year old! Plus it doesn't help that 2 years ago I found out on August 8th that Emmalee was on her way to us...just a slap in the face. I think we both are feeling a little down about this...and it would have been a lot different if the boys would have been allowed to stay with us. We know that God has a plan and that we are in this season of life for a reason but it sure would be nice to know the reason or at least just get out of it. I tell you's start questioning whether you are even meant to become parents or if you should just give up and buy a cabin up north and just be done with it! We don't want to be like that but it is where our thought process goes. Well anyway...I didn't mean for this post to get a downer tone to I hope you all have a very blessed day and I know that I will...after is my birthday! Here are some pictures from our vacation...enjoy!

I love this picture of Ellie with her little fish!

Molly and Me...and our catches (hey...I didn't say any of our catches were huge...we just were having fun!)

Proud papa (Ross) with Ellie...believe it or not...Ross' catch here was not the smallest...I think that honor went to Debbie!

One of the bass I caught on our guided tour...look at my form as I hold the fish...pretty good I'd say! (And sorry...I can't figure out how to rotate these pictures!)
Here's Jonny! And his catches of the day!
Molly, Ellie, and Debbie...and in case you were was a little chilly out on the water!
Doesn't this look like a nice boat?!? It was! We were spoiled! Thanks again Ross!