Friday, May 27, 2011

It's about time!

For an update that is! Geez...could I get any worse at this blogging thing! Wait...don't answer that...the truth is...I probably could! Anyway...we are doing good here in the Feldman house...we are keeping busy and that's a good reason why I haven't updated lately! :) Natee is continuing to change all the time...she's a little stinker and knows it :) She is so much fun and we are so happy to have her in our lives :) Let's see...what is she doing that is new...oh...she has started to put her finger up when asked how old she is...sometimes you have to say "Are you 1?" and then she puts it up...but I still think that's pretty good for her age. She is starting to hid which I don't know where she is getting that from...the other day she was hiding behind a chair and now today I had my closet open and she crawled in there and was hiding behind the vacuum's pretty she really does know what she is doing...and I'm convinced that she really does know that she is hiding! ha! And no...she is not hiding to fill her pants! In fact...she's been going on the potty for a couple of months now...and before you say anything...I know...we are crazy...but we have been told that they can learn early and we decided to try it's going okay...but she still wets her pants (but we haven't taken her out of diapers yet) but as far as the other goes....she hasn't had but maybe 3 or 4 dirty ones in the last 4 months...she is able to tell us that she has to go by patting her tummy, which we taught her, and so far so good. I have to admit that I wasn't so gung-ho about this early potty training but I have liked not having to deal with the dirty diapers! As far as when we will get real serious about the potty training I think we will try at 18 months...most of my nieces and nephews have been fully trained by that time so we'll see how it goes. Okay...let's get off that subject...sorry didn't mean to take this blog post there! :) Oh...and Natee loves so much...and she loves the kitties next door, which her dad isn't happy about 'cause he can't stand cats...but it's so cute...she heard me calling them one day and I was making a kissing now she goes outside and say "keeeyyy keeeyyy" and then claps her hands and makes kissing's just the cutest little thing...she's so smart. And the cats next door...they are so nice and come running up to her and are so good to her. Well....I think that's enough of an update for now...I gotta get doing something around the house during her nap time. We put our house back on the market to see if we could get any bites...we would just like to get into something a little bit bigger if we could...and maybe closer to the farm if possible...we'll if you know of anyone looking for a house let me know :) Have a great Memorial Day weekend! OH...and here are a few pictures for you...enjoy!

Two buddies! I thought her face was priceless...Jon looks pretty happy too! We were on a walk for Cystic of our favorite doctors who took care of Emmalee has this icky disease and so we were walking for was a great day and we were so happy we could spend our morning with him and his wife (and their doggies) and raise a little money as well!

Natee being silly...she was carrying this lid's amazing what will entertain kids!
Lid kisses!

So big! And look mom...I'm standing on a lid! Does this lid make me look taller?!?!

Her new favorite spot to far we have not tumbled off of it!

A girl after her Mommy's own heart

Prima ballerina

Or doctor?!?!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mom's Day

I know...I could you not love this little face:

Oh I really really do...I thank God every night for her and her life...and for the fact that I get to be her a scary task that is! I pray that I (well...Jon and I) will raise her up right...that she will come to know, love and serve God at a very early age...and that she will be a girl/woman that will bring joy to those around her...and if she just happens to be a rocket scientist, a farmer, and hairstylist all in one...well...that would be okay too :) Whatever she grows up to be I just pray that she will look back and know that her momma loved her very much and that I was always there to encourage her...I am one blessed momma to be this little girls momma! We had a wonderful Mother's Day...Jon and one of our friends decided to surprise their wives/baby momma and take us out to brunch...the place that they had picked they tried to get a reservation but they wouldn't take them so by the time we got out of church it was a 2 hour way were we going to do onto plan B...which ended up to be way better than plan A anyway...we had a delicious brunch and then we came home to take a much needed nap...unfortunately Natee had other plans so Jon didn't get a very long nap but being that it was Mother's Day...I did :) The rest of the day was just spent hanging out together and doing a little cleaning...and then of course watching the Amazing Race finale...Jon's sister and husband were able to join us so that was a lot of fun! So thank you Jon for a wonderful Mother's sure know how to make a girl feel loved...and thank you Natee for being you and so easy to love...Momma loves you very much!

How can you not love that smile!

Love love love!

A girl and her momma...remind me to show her these pictures when she gets to be a teenager and I become dumb and stupid! :) hahaha!

A momma with all her kids.

I am so thankful for Natalee to be here to celebrate Mother's Day with me...but there will always be three little babes that I will be longing to see on these days...there will always be three cards that I don't get to open...three hugs and kisses that I don't get to feel...three little voices saying "I love you" and three little voice I have to tell to be quiet sometimes. Oh how I miss them all...but Jon told me last night that he is pretty sure that they are making cards for me in Heaven and I will have a bunch to open up up there...and they are probably made of gold so they will be much better than any card down here :) He knows just what to say. But I do want to give a shout out to all the moms out there whose babies are making cards with my babies...just know that I thought about you all and hope that you had a wonderful Mother's spite of the pain of missing our little ones. May you feel God's loving arms around you even more...and to all the ladies out there who are waiting to become moms...I've been in your shoes too...I pray that your hearts desire will be answered soon and that you will be able to hold a new bundle of joy in your arms soon. Happy Mom's Day.