Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer Recap #3: Feldman Family Vacation

Well this is the second year that the Feldman's have done a family I guess that means it's an annual thing...yea! We have so much fun and I can't wait until next summer! This year we actually went to a campground in West Salem, WI which is near LaCrosse...we really liked it there (last year it was up in Nisswa, MN and we really liked it there too!) now we have to decide if we are going back to one of these places next year or if we should try somewhere new...if you have any ideas for us we are open to suggestions...the only thing is it has to be a campground with tenting (for Jon's sisters and their families), RV hook-up (for Jon's brother and his family) and cabins (for us and Jon's mom and dad...we don't camp!!!) let us know if you have any ideas! I feel like I have so much to write about our time down there and yet I know that if I do it will get too I'll just leave you with some pictures instead...I thought you'd like that better :)

Natee is ready to go swimming!! Let's get going mom and dad!

Jon didn't wear these goggles to swim in...but he did let me take a picture of him in them for my mom...funny story...well kind of funny...a couple weeks before this Jon and Natee were wrestling on the floor and she stuck her finger in his eye...he said it hurt but didn't think much of it...when he woke up in the morning he couldn't even open up his eye and his other eye was really sensitive to he went to the eye doctor and here she had gouged his cornea! It was so bad that the eye doctor told him that he needed to go home and let it heal and that he'd better not work...the risk of getting an infection was too great with the work that Jon does and if it did get infected it would not be good for Jon's he did listen to the docs advice and stayed home...for one my mom bought him these goggles for the next time they wrestle :) And I am happy to say that Jon's eye has healed nicely :) look silly in your goggles :)

We do this a lot on our family!

We always have one meal together but a lot of the time we have more than one meal a day's such a good time

Natee being goofy...

For my actual birthday we were on vacation so they decided to take me on river boat cruise around was a lot of fun...and then afterwards we went to a really yummy ice cream shop :)

All the kids wanted to take pictures with my camera so I can't remember who took this one...but I think they did a pretty good job!!

Sweet girl and her monkey friend

Don't they look like little trouble makers?! They were so dirty! The guys said they would watch them and let us ladies have a little time off...I think they played in this dirt for over an hour and they could have played so much longer!

I know this picture isn't perfect with Natee's hands being blurry and all but I thought it was such a cute picture of the two of them...she loves her cousin Logan! (she loves all her cousins actually!)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Recap #2: Surprise! You're 30!

Yes...that's right...I turned the big 3-0 on August a few weeks before that my husband decided to throw me a surprise party...let's just say...I was really surprised! Let me set the stage for you...a few weeks before July 23rd my sis-in-law Annette and I decided that we were going to do a shopping day...I had told her a long time ago that I was taking her out for her birthday (which was in NOVEMBER!) and so we decided that we'd go out and celebrate our birthdays together...well Jon got wind of this plan and thought this would be a good time to plan a party because I would be gone for sure. So on the morning of the 23rd we headed out and got to Northfield around 9...since it was a special day we decided that Caribou coffee was a for sure thing...we had noticed that the sky was getting pretty dark but the wind wasn't picking up and there wasn't any thunder and lightening at all...I kid you not...we walked into Caribou and we were probably in there for like 30 seconds and all of a sudden it started pouring...and the was blowing things all over...needless to say...we stayed in Caribou for about a half hour while the storm passed. Once we could get going we were on our way...we decided to do some of the little streets and areas that we had never shopped before and my goal was to find a cupcake shop! It was really fun exploring new parts of the cities that we never had before...and we found some cupcakes...two places actually! Annette had found this cute little deli called YUM! and it did live up to it's name :) Since we were just kind of making our way around we didn't actually eat lunch until 3 p.m. By that time we were starving and we ate way too much...including a cupcake (well both of us had our own) that was bigger than my head...well maybe not that big but it was not your ordinary size cupcake...after that we stopped at a few more shops but we were both so full that we couldn't enjoy ourselves anymore! hahaha! Well I should have know that something was up (but of course I didn't) because Annette wasn't in any hurry to get home even though she had told me at the beginning of the night that she needed to be home by 5:30 so Todd could go out with his friends that we pull into town I noticed that our favorite pizza joint didn't have any lights on and I told Annette..."Oh no! I think B & L's closed!" She seemed really concerned too...little did I know that that is where Jon was ordering pizzas for my party and so she was concerned about what he was going to do. Anyway...this story is getting really long...sorry...we headed to my house and on the way out there I told her "urgh...I just can't wait to get home and lay on the stomach is so full...I think I need a nap or something" we get into town she starts going really fast and I think "oh...we must be going to her house...that's okay...I can just walk home" and she then says..."I'm just going to do a U-turn which point she whips around the corner (and scares me half to death...I'm not even exaggerating about that!) and then I see all the cars in the park behind my house and it's all starting to come together...and then I get the shakes!! Don't ask me why! I think I got nervous there for a second and didn't really know what was going on...that and the fact that I thought I was going to lose my life when Annette whipped me around the corner!! hahahaha! So...ask anyone that was took me a long time to get out of the car! I rolled my window down...smiled and laughed a lot...listened to them sing me Happy Birthday...and there I still Annette's van! Then someone finally said "Are you going to get out of the car?!?" Oh yeah...I probably should do that :) And remember that storm I told you about earlier (I was so long ago) well it turns out it was a pretty major storm in Northfield and the power was Jon didn't get to order the pizza from our favorite place and they didn't call him until 4:00 to tell him that they wouldn't be able to make his 10 he had to scramble a bit but luckily he found a place and he was used to scrambling that day...'cause not only was that a problem but he also had a lot of tree emergency calls that he had to go take care of...he was up getting a few supplies for the party when he got the call that he needed to come home and get to work...poor guy...thankfully his mom and my other sis-in-laws were there to help him out...but he did a great job and it was such a fun party! Thanks to everyone who helped me was a really fun party (even though I had to keep reminding you all that I wasn't 30 yet!!) and Jon has a disclaimer to add: He's sorry if he forgot to invite anyone...he is not used to throwing parties! Well here's some pictures from the day!

Natee's mom...this is how you do it...put your finger in here...

....and then lick the frosting off like this...I know mom...I've had one of these parties and cakes before...ha!

It's good to be 30...especially when you have a cute one like this to help you celebrate!

Eating and chatting...two of my favorite things!

Bucket of water...yes please!

Neighbors...John, Amy and Jolee

The brother/sister shot :)

Aunt Suzi and me

I guess the kids thought the port-a-potty looked like fun...or at least it looked like a good place to hang out! :)

2 of my cute nieces...Lily and Ella

Randy and Shelia

I think Bob was trying to steal my cash!!

Britt's family came all the way from IL to help me celebrate! no...not really...there were already in town...but they did take time out of their busy schedule to come down and celebrate with me for a bit...thanks guys!

Shelia and I

Sarah and I and the twins...these two girls were suppose to be Emmalee's playmates! It's been fun to watch them grow and see what stages Emmalee might have been in :)

Jon's tricky accomplice! She sure is sneaky even though she doesn't look like it! :)

I don't think Ole was too sure of the hammock :)

Joyce, Katie and I

The Party Planer...he sure did a good job! Thanks Jon!

Jon and I with his other girlfriend...Great Aunt Pearl!! :)

The kids were done partying...time to go for a bike ride! The end! :)

Oh...and thank you to my mom who took all these wonderful pictures for me!!! Thanks Mom!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer Recap #1: Misc...

(NOTE: Blogger keeps messing up my spacing and I am tired of trying to fix it and dealing with it so now you just have to deal with it! :) Hopefully it's not too distracting!)

I don't know about where you live but up here in Minnesota it is starting to feel like Fall! Yea!! But that got me to thinking...I'd better do a few summer recap posts (I was only going to do one but then I found so many pictures and thought that this one would get too I'll save your eyes some and break them up!) since I am such a bad blogger and haven't updated in forever...I think if I ever start another blog the name or title of it should be Bad Blogger...just to give everyone a heads up before they invest in reading :) hahaha! Thanks for sticking with me and understanding that I am not finding the time to blog that I would like to right now...I tell you...this is such a busy age...all you moms and dads know that...and people can tell you that...but until you've experienced it yourself you can't even begin to understand how busy these little people can be...but it's oh so fun and oh so rewarding! Anyway...on to the first recap...

One of my clients had baby bunnies so she called me up when they got to the "cute" stage...Natee had a blast being in the little pen with them and loved that she could hold client and her daughter were so nice and let Natee handle them...even though sometimes she was not very gentle! :) And of these bunnies (don't ask me which one) lives next door to us...our neighbors ended up buying one and so Natee is so happy to be able to go over to it's cage and just say "hi hi hi" over and over again...

We were able to take a little getaway to Brainard this summer...not as long as we would have liked it to be but we were able to get out on the water when we got up there...Natee loves the water and loves to be out on boats....she's a true Minnesota girl! We actually went up there to have a mini-family reunion with my dad's side and boy am I sure glad we were able to do that...I'll write more on it later but at the end of August my grandma ended up passing away unexpectedly...I'm so glad that we were able to get one more family picture together...and again...that's one of my other posts so I'll say more on that later.

At the end of August our friends Anna and Owen got hitched! It was a beautiful outdoor wedding at their home...Anna was such a beautiful bride...I wished you could see more of her dress in this was so was definitely a dress made for her :) And Natee was such a good girl at the wedding and she busted loose once the music started...she definitely has a little rhythm in her bones...she's so funny to watch and it was funny to see how many of the people wanted her to dance with them...we even threw her in the middle of a circle and they all clapped and she went running out...too cute!

She also got a little sand/beach time with her cousins...and she loved every minute of it...she loves to get dirty and dig in the sand/dirt but then she is also a girly girl in the fact that she loves her purses and dolls/stuffed you can see in the next pictures...

She was all ready to go with her purse around her arm...she just cracks me up some days...and makes you realize how much they really do watch you! She knows that momma can't leave the house without her purse!

Well hopefully you enjoyed this first recap...more to come....