Monday, August 30, 2010

Sam and Britt's Maternity Photos

Hi! Well...I didn't do too good last week...only 2 blog posts...sorry! Today I figured I'd better get these pictures up here...most of you probably know that Natalee is going to have a new cousin soon...very soon! My brother (Sam) and his wife (Britt) are due to have their baby boy, or as I like to put nephew(!)... on September 1st...whether he decides to come then or not we'll see...or maybe he'll come before...he still has a day and a half to come before his due date. Anyway...I thought I'd better get their maternity photos up here before he comes...'cause who would want to see these after there is a baby to look at! It was really fun to shoot these for them...I hope they liked them...they said they did...but they could be lying! :) Britt put more up on her blog too... ...if you want to check them out...I don't think we put up the same ones...well...maybe we did...we did have quite a few that were both our's a few of mine:

So there you have it! Picture overload! Tomorrow (or the next day) I'll try to get Natee's 7 month pictures up here! Can you believe our little girl is 7 months already?!?!? I can't! Have a good Monday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Natee Baby

Wow...2 posts in a row! I told you I had lots to catch you up on! :) The other day Jon was home and it was a beautiful day so I thought we would go out and capture some photos of Natee...I think they turned out great...but I'll let you be the judge...enjoy!

So...which one was your favorite...obviously...I can't choose....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jennie's Wedding

Hi there! I have so much to catch up on so I'm going to do a few short blog posts here for you to see...hopefully one every day this week! But...don't hold me to all know how I am at blogging :) At the beginning of this month we flew out to Denver, CO for Jennie and Mark's wedding...Jennie and I were RA's together at Indiana Wesleyan and we have remained good friends since then. I was so happy for her when she wrote and told us that she had found her "one" and couldn't wait to go to the wedding. Natalee did great on her first plane ride...and her mama did pretty good and planes don't always get along but I am becoming less fearful of flying the older I get and the more I fly...still hate take off and landing...and yes...I have been told...that is the best part...well...not for this girl. The best part for me is when I can turn on my electronic device and put down my tray and sip my ginger ale and eat my pretzels...that is the best part....oh...and when my feet are on solid ground again and I'm in my new fun surroundings (or back home...equally as nice)...well I'm babbling now so I'll get back on track...we had a great weekend out there...we both were tired and I was only a week and a half out from my surgery so I was still a little sluggish but we made the most of it anyway...and spent a lot of time relaxing in the hotel room :) The day of the wedding was was going to be an outdoor wedding in the mountains but mother nature decided that an hour before the wedding it should rain...but that didn't dampen anything...they moved it all indoors and it was still just as beautiful. We were so happy we could be there to celebrate with Jennie and Mark and we were so excited that Jennie could meet Natalee! The reception was so nice as intimate and just perfect. We met some nice people while we were there...all in all it was a great night and now Jennie and Mark are off living their happily-ever-after life...they took a nice long honeymoon...even coming up to MN to visit us...which was also so fun...we took them to Cabela's! I know...a little hickish but Mark had never seen anything like it (oh...I forgot to mention that he's from England) and so we wanted to make the most of his time and visit in America! ha! :) And once they are done with their honeymoon they will be moving to now Jon thinks that I'll get on a plane to go over there and visit them...I don't know...we'll see...anyone know of any good drugs to get me to stay on a plane for 8 hours without going crazy! hahaha! Well...enjoy the pictures and again...congrats to my friend Jennie and her new hubby Mark...we wish you a lifetime of happiness! And we are so blessed to have a new friend in our life...glad to meet you Mark!

Natee and her mommy before the wedding at the'll notice in the next picture that she has a different headpiece on...we couldn't decide which one to wear!
Natee and her daddy...she was talking during the ceremony so she had to go stand with daddy...doesn't she look so pretty?!?!
Too much partying for Natalee...she got all worn out and needed a little cat nap!
Jennie and Natalee...wasn't Jennie such a pretty bride?!?! That dress was made for looked perfect on her!
Jennie and her new hubby Mark...and of course Natee wouldn't look...there was too much else for her to take in and see...everyone was dancing behind her!

Our family :) We went outside to try to get the lights of Denver in the background...didn't quite work but it still made for a good picture :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Name that Photo!

Isn't this such a cute picture of Natalee and her Uncle Sam?!? I love it! Sam and Britt came to our house this last weekend so I could shoot some maternity pictures for them before their little one arrives...once I get them their pictures and she chooses which ones she wants to share on her blog I'll put some on here too :) Anyway...back to the we were going through them we came upon this one and we all just laughed...then Britt said we needed to have a name that photo contest! :) won't really be a contest since there isn't a prize to be given away...but I thought it could still be really fun to see what you all thought of this photo...I love it because Natee looks like she's really trying to be there for her Uncle Sam and he just looks perplexed! hahaha! THAT PHOTO! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

6 Months Old!!!

Can you believe that I'm writing those words?!?! I can't! How can my baby be 6 months old already?! She's growing up too fast...pretty soon I'll be planning her wedding...okay...maybe not...but it sure does feel like time is flying by awfully fast! Natalee is doing really good. She sits up by herself very well now...she likes her cereal at night...she loves being outside and she loves her little pool...and she rolled over last night (!!!) from her belly to her back so I think she's going to get the hang of it soon! She has started to do this little thing where she looks at you...holds her breath and then lets out this little squeal/haha's so cute! She was a very good girl while I recovered from my surgery but I think all that has thrown her schedule off a bit...that and we just went out to Colorado (I'll have to write more on that later) this weekend for my friend Jennie's not being in her own bed for two nights have made for two bad nights at home already...oh well...she'll get back into her routine I'm sure...she sure is taking some nice naps maybe I'll get better at blogging! :) Well I think I'll wrap this up for now so I can go get something else done before she wakes up. I hope you enjoy her 6 month bear pictures...can you just see how big she is's been fun looking back on all the other ones to see how much she has grown! Have a great week!