Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 Months Old!

Here are a few pictures from her two month birthday! Yesterday we had her 2 month check-up...all was well...she is perfect! Anyone want to guess at how big she is now...length and weight? I'll post the answers at a later date! Enjoy the pictures!

Smiley girl!

See I can sit up (not really...she tipped over after this picture :) )

She still looks pretty little compared to her bear!

Just thought this picture was cute and wanted to share it! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Natalee's Gottcha Day!

It was a day of celebration at the Feldman house! Because...

this little cutie is ours to keep...forever! Natalee's birthmom didn't change her mind and so at 1:55 p.m. it became official...well there still is a little more paperwork on our end and we have to go to court at some point to make it truly official...but as far as her birthmom goes, she can no longer change her mind and take her back. Natalee is ours! :) We are so thankful to her birthmom for giving us this gift...we will never be able to repay her for the happiness and joy that she has given us in our daughter Natalee. So...we spent the day...celebrating!

Mom and daughter...I like the sound of that :)

Daddy and his little sweet!
I think she was done taking pictures...I thought this was sooo funny...Jon cracks me up!

Family picture time! It was windy out if you can't tell...and Natee had just gotten her breath taken away from her! Such a cutie! We are so happy...if you can't tell! After pictures we loaded Natalee up and took her to the outlet mall for some shopping and just walking was such a beautiful day! After that we treated ourselves to a yummy meal at Monte's Steakhouse...and boy...was it good. And now...Natalee just drifted off and we are heading to bed...all the fresh air and emotional high has left us very tired. And I don't know how many times today I felt like's just such a relief to know that she is ours :) Tears of joy :) Thank you all for walking on this road with us...we sure do ask a lot from you! Thank you for all the prayers...they were definitely heard! We love you night!


So it's 2:13 now and I just called the adoption agency and they is done...congrats! Natalee Ann Feldman is here to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge huge huge weight off of our shoulders (and chest!)...we are going out to celebrate now so I'll check back in later and post some pictures we took at 1:55 p.m. today! It's not like she wasn't already's just so nice to know that she is not going anywhere!!!!

Thanks for all the prayers!

T - 5 hours

Again...not that we are counting :) Oh...and I forgot to mention it on here...we got a letter in the mail the other day informing us that it wouldn't be until 1:55 that it was know...because of daylight savings...stupid daylight savings... :) Thanks for your prayers...feeling pretty good but holding back the celebrating until 1:56!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Less than 18 hours to go...not that we are counting or anything :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Read My Butt!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Actually my butt says "My 1st St. Patrick's Day")

Love, Natalee

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh the people I have met! I decided that I can't promise that I'll blog more 'cause it might not happen! I was going to post some more things last week of all that Natee has done in her first 6 weeks...and I only did one post! And now it would have to be titled: What I've done in my 7 weeks of life! Oops! Sorry! So now I'm moving on to some of the people she has met...some I've already posted so I will skip those but here are a few more:

Great Aunt Suzi and Uncle Doug...they were able to come to the hospital to visit her since Aunt Suzi had the day off and the hospital isn't too far from their house :)

Darin and Tanya...we went up with them to Brainerd and spent a few days with them...they are our good friends from South Dakota that we met on our first cruise...we've been great friends ever since and always look forward to seeing them. They had to settle for Brainerd this year 'cause we got the call about Natalee the day we were going to book our trip...I don't think they minded too much...although a nice warm weather vacation I'm sure would have been great! :)

Here's Natalee with Walleye Dan...he was our guide on our ice fishing trip...well actually we just rented his fish house...anyway...this was the picture he used on his website for his Catch of the Week...she was 10 days old then...the youngest by far he said. On a little side note...we were watching Ron Schera the other day (a program we have here in MN) and Walleye Dan was on there giving fishing's kinda famous :)

Miss Molly Mae...this is the little artist that painted our angel picture (of our three angels in heaven)

Debbie - my dad's cousin

Ellie Joy


Tom and Lori...we aren't really related to them...but really we are! They are good friend with my Great Aunt Pearl and we see them quite often...and we always celebrate Thanksgiving together!

Great Great Aunt seems weird to say! We ran over to Hutchinson one day to have lunch with was fun seeing her...I know Natee liked it :)

Our good friends, McKenzie and Brandon...they are the couple we met at Faith's Lodge last year...we only live a few hours apart so we try to get together every once in a helps that they also have family that lives in the cities! And more exciting news...they are expecting a little one this summer...I just found out the sex of the baby but I'm not sure if it's a surprise or not so I'd better not put it on here...but we are so excited for them and we just keep praying for a happy, healthy baby for them that can stay here on earth with them for a very very long time!

Cousin Charla from North Dakota...we were able to see her when we went out the wedding...she took such good care of us...came and helped pick us up from the train station and had lots of goodies for us to snack on! Thanks Charla!

My cousin Andy and his fiancee Lindsay...their wedding is in May!

Great Aunt Pam and Uncle Richard

Natee helped Great Grandma Watts celebrate her 80th birthday! Can you believe it...they are 80 years cool!

Getting some snuggle time with Great Grandpa Watts...I remember seeing a lot of picture of me and my grandpa in this same exact position! :)

Don't they look like nice Great Grandparents?!?!

4 Generations

Look Danielle! Look who Natee got to meet! Zeke! She doesn't look too impressed! My grandparents had a puppet ministry and they traveled all over doing puppet show in different churches...they did this for many years...close to 20 I think...anyway...Zeke was the main puppet...he kept all the other puppets in line!

And she got to meet a couple other was funny the way she just looked at them...I wish I could know what was going through her head :)

Well there you have it...a lot of pictures! And that's not all but that's all the ones I mom has more on her camera from when we met my Aunt Sue and her family and my Aunt Pam and her of course Natee has met all her Aunties and Uncles and her cousins...and she loves them all...and I think the feeling is mutual. Well...sorry this got to be so long...hope all is well...oh...and guess more week of waiting on pins and needles...on the 23rd it will be finalized! Yea! Still praying all goes smoothly...thanks for your prayers! And I guess Natee got bored with this as well...she was awake and squirming in my lap when I started this and now she's out...hopefully you're not sleeping as well :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Consent is signed!

Hey all! I just wanted to jump on here and say that the birthmom signed the consent for adoption today at 12:55 p.m.! This is a huge answer to prayer and such a blessing (and a weight off of my heart!)...we still have two weeks before it's final and she can't change her mind so would you be praying until then...thanks...but at 12:55 (or let's wait 'til 12:56) on March 23rd we can celebrate! Whoo hoo!!! Okay...I'm trying not to get overexcited here but...I can't help it. Anyway...lots of prayers til the 23rd...thanks for all the ones you've sent up for us already! Okay...I'm done for the day...check out the post below if you haven't already...that's the one that has all the pictures :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

What has Natee been up to in her 6 weeks of life...

Well she's been up to quite a lot actually! And that is why I have been very very bad about blogging! I'm so sorry! Well I'll quite rambling on and get to the pictures...I will probably break this post up into a couple different posts...not sure how much time this little sweetie is going to give me to blog...I already hear her squawking!'s what Natalee has been up to:

She's been learning how to give kisses! Every time (well almost every time) I give her a kiss on her cheek she turns and opens her mouth...I think she likes the sound that it makes...or the vibration...either way is way too cute and I'm all too happy to give her lots of kisses!
She's been busy just chillin'...this is how she decided to position herself the other day on Jon's chest...he called me in to get a picture of her...too cute! And she was out!

She's been busy catching up with her cousin Carter! He was sick (poor guy got RSV) so we couldn't see him at all until this last we got to see him on Friday night when we went to a fish fry and then Saturday when my old Bible Study here in town threw us a baby shower! Let's just say...she got spoiled...she's been plenty busy being spoiled too! Do you like her boots?!? Daddy doesn't but momma sure does!

Do you see what she got to ride on last weekend?!? Amtrak! We went out to North Dakota for a wedding (Jon's cousin) and so we all jumped on the train (literally...they don't stop for very long in Red Wing!)...I was a little nervous about it but Natee did great! She slept so good on the rocked her to sleep! This picture of the kids is when we got home from our trip...can you tell?!? They all look a little sleepy still!

All the kids (except Carter couldn't go with us 'cause he was still sick) lined up inside the train!

Big cousin Julia sure liked holding Natee on the train...I think she's glad she has someone littler than her to take care of now!

She's also been busy meeting 2nd cousins! When we were out in North Dakota my cousin Chris and his family made the drive to come over and meet Natalee (I don't really think they came to see us! ha!)...and it was so good to see them! Their girls liked being able to swim for awhile too!
Cousin Chris and Natalee
Cousin Rachel...she's so photogenic...I'm so jealous...I've never seen a bad picture of this girl!
And of course Natee has been busy wrapping us around her little finger and making us fall more and more in love with her everyday! I mean...look at this face...who couldn't fall in love with her! Well I think I'm going to quit for lots more pictures but let's spread it out a bit :) One piece of news...the birthmom is suppose to sign her papers say a little prayer that she does...if she does then she still has 2 weeks to change her the 23rd of March is the day that we are looking forward too...then Natee will for sure be ours! And I know...I need to change the header of our blog...I will get to that...eventually :) Well you all take care...and more pictures to come!