Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almost 1 week old!

Can you believe this little cutie here is going to be 1 week old tomorrow?!?! I sure can't!

We are sure enjoying our time with her...even the times that she is wide awake in the middle of the night! I know these times won't last so I will enjoy them...but I will admit...I do complain a little that I'm tired :) She so far seems to be a happy, healthy baby and for that we thank God. She is really content most of the time...only really crying when she's really hungry or when we are changing her diaper...that cold air on the bum must not be too pleasant :) We did take her to church today and we are so thankful for our church family. They just surround us with love and we know that our daughter will be well loved on! I should have taken a picture of her in her little dress...she looked so cute...but I didn't so you'll have to scroll down and look at my other post...she wore the same one that she had on in her picture with Carter. Jon picked that one out for her. Speaking of Jon...pretty sure Natee has him wrapped around her little pudgy's so cute. And on Friday she had a photo shoot with a lady from Northfield...and we are going back on Monday for some more! Jon was telling the photographer about a piece of wood/log he had and she thought she could use it for some cute pictures so we are going to try :) As soon as she is done she said she'd give me a few to put on here so when I get them I'll be sure to get them on here for you...I think they are going to be way too cute! Thanks Ali (yes...her name is Ali too...and her husbands name is John!) for doing this for us! Well...I think that's enough of an update for now...Natee is going to be getting hungry soon so I'd better get do you like her nickname...we think it fits her! We'll be back soon with more pictures...but for now...enjoy these!

My first real bath...I liked it...and I really liked getting my hair shampooed...good thing my mom is an expert!

Do you like my duck daddy thinks I look so cute in it! Thanks Chele...did you remember you gave this to me for Emmalee...I've been waiting to use it!

A little tummy/snuggle time...this blankie is so soft...I saw these on Etsy and thought that I could sew one up I ordered the fabric and got to work...let me tell was a pain...that fabric is so's not perfect but it works :) She seems to like it!

I like my fingers! And Patty...thanks for the hat...this is also one you gave to Emmalee and I think Natalee looks too darn cute in it! Jon thinks she's a yellow and green girl...looks good with her dark skin :)
A few of you have commented on how you think that Natalee and Emmalee look alike...and we have to agree...we've said that a few times...especially some of the faces that Natalee makes remind us of Emmalee. So I put a side-by-side picture up for you to see...what do you think? A little bit?!? I just think it's amazing how God does that...Natalee is a perfect fit into our family!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I aim to's some more pictures!

Hello from Natalee! She thought you might all want to see more pictures of her so I told her that I would get them on here for her...but you'll have to forgive me...I'm being kind of lazy and not putting them in any without further's Natalee!

Natalee and her buddy (and cousin) Carter! It's going to be fun watching these two grow up together! Carter's brother Jack told me that she's going to have to learn to play with tractors (or maybe Carter will learn to play with Barbies :) ha! just kidding!)

Grannie Annie!

Oooo...bath time! I did not like bath time but you can't tell from this picture!

Looking at her dad and asking him if mom is almost done!

Just too cute with her hot pink and zebra blanket and her nuk

She loves her kisses from her daddy!

I love this little outfit on her...makes me want to buy one in every size!

Another hospital picture but I thought it was kind of cute :)

So sweet!

Well...that's all you get tonight! Thanks for checking in...Natalee is still doing well. We had a quick doctor check-up tonight per the orders of the hospital where she was born...they wanted her to be seen at the end of the week by someone at our clinic so they could get familiar with her before her 2 week check-up. They said she looked really good and they were impressed at how strong she already is...I'm telling you...this girl hold her head already, picks it up to look around when she's on her tummy, and she has already given us a scare as she started to roll yesterday...even tonight when we put her on the table she started rolling to her side and her nurse got a little startled! She said she wasn't used to that little of a baby being mobile. So we'll have to stay on our toes :) Well...I'm off to feed Natalee and then hopefully she'll sleep for a little bit tonight before 3 a.m. The last two nights she's been awake for the most part before 3 and then she falls asleep and sleeps til around 7:30. But I'm not too worried...we'll get her on a schedule eventually...I keep reminding myself that she's only a couple days old and she'll figure it out...until then...I'll just be a little more tired while I enjoy every minute with her :) Goodnight (or good morning, good day, good evening...depending on when you read this!).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You asked for got it!

Look who got to come home last night!

Yep! She checked out fine and they let us go! Can you believe they just let you walk out of a hospital with these little ones :) Last night was pretty good...she still has her days and nights mixed up but I'm sure she'll get it figured out...and it's worth least that's what I kept telling myself last night :) Nothing too new with us though...she's doing really well and she's already a strong little thing...holding her head up to look around a little. But I'll quit boring you now and just give you some asked for it :)

Okay...I know this is a hospital picture but I had to include it because it proves that she does have eyes...and she does open them sometimes...and it usually is at night :) Plus...this picture is way too cute :)

Getting a little sun rays at home...looks like we got a bathing beauty on our hands :)

Jon's already got her reading all the finest material out there...or in his opinion...he's starting her out young...he doesn't realize that she's going to be a girlie girl :)

I think the hat says it all!

Monday, January 25, 2010

If you guessed a boy....


It's a GIRL!!!

Natalee Ann Feldman

7 lbs 12 oz

19 1/2 inches long
2:24 p.m.

She's a beautiful little be the judge:

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well we got a call from our counselor last night and she said that our birthmom called her counselor and told her that she is going in on Monday at 7 a.m. to start the induction! Yea! So be praying that all goes well on Monday for all! Thanks!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's getting closer!

Well we did get a call from our counselor that our birthmom's appointment went well on Monday. And they have decided that next Monday or Tuesday will be the day that the baby will be born. We don't know many details (like why it's Monday or Tuesday) but we do know that it will be next week! Our counselor seems to think that they said either day because maybe they have a lot of ladies getting ready to deliver so maybe they are making our birthmom call in on Monday morning to see if there are already a lot of women in labor that day already...but our birthmom only sent her counselor a text message with the message that all went well at the appointment and the date will be either next Monday or not too many details for us...which is least I have a day to look forward to! By this time next week, Lord willing, I should be holding a snuggley little bundle!
I want to thank you all for all the advice you gave me from my last blog's been fun reading your comments and e-mails...a lot of stuff I hadn't even considered! If you think of anything else let me know!

This last weekend we had fun...we went over to WI to a benefit (Pins for Porter) for a family we met when we stayed at Faith's Lodge....Brandon and McKenzie lost their little boy, Porter, in January last year...he was only 5 weeks old...a few weeks later we met at Faith's Lodge and we are so glad that we did...we have remained really good friends since then and I see our friendship lasting a lifetime! Anyway...they had a benefit in memory of Porter (it was a bowling event...get it...Pins for Porter...I thought it was pretty clever!) and all the money was then donated to Faith's Lodge in his name! Pretty cool! We had a really fun time and everyone that helped put it on did a great job! Jon and I said we couldn't wait for next year 'cause now we know everyone and it will be even more fun! We even got to meet the founders of Faith's Lodge (they lost their baby girl Faith...she was stillborn...after that they had the idea to open up the lodge)...they just happened to be in the area and stopped in to the party Brandon and McKenzie threw after the benefit...pretty cool! And hi Johanna...have you made it this far into my it getting too long for you yet?!?!

McKenzie and me at Pins for Porter

And I thought I would throw a couple pictures on here for you...I had a little extra fabric left over from when I made my quilt this fall so I thought I'd try to make a couple burp cloths...they turned out alright...I figured they didn't have to be perfect...they were just going to wipe up spit-up any way :)

And then I thought I would put a picture of my stroller on here...I'll get a picture of the baby's room as soon as the baby is using it...I should probably put a picture on here of what the crib looked like these last two years...we had all the memorabilia from the kids in was a pretty sweet place to go and reminisce...I don't know where I'm going to put that stuff now...I think I'll put that picture on the other blog...hopefully I'll get to that soon...but for's a picture of my stroller (I took the picture off of a website) that I spent way too much on but I'm planning on getting a lot of use out of it and I love there :)

Well I hope you guys have a great week and I'll let you know more details as I get them! Oh more thing...all my clients out there...could you send me an email:
That way I make sure I have your e-mail addresses in my address book so I can let you know any updates that I have regarding when I'm coming back and all! Or I can call you...I just thought it would be a good thing to have your e-mail addresses :) Thanks!
That's it....take care!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hey there everyone! I thought I'd better change the blog since Christmas is over already! And I thought we could all use a little color in our lives since we are in the middle of winter and we can tend to get the winter I couldn't find a background that I liked with a winter theme :) And I tend to gravitate towards the bright and cheery colors. Anyway...boring right..okay...I'll stop babbling. Well we don't have any big news for you. Our birthmom had her doctors appointment on Monday...I guess everything looked seems healthy and baby also seems like he or she is getting really big...our birthmom is at about 36 we might have a chunky baby on our hands...that's okay with me...I love a chubby baby! No date yet...I was really hoping to have a date to look forward to for the induction but that's okay...I guess she has an appointment on Monday again and we've been told her doctor will then set a tentative date...all could change because like I said before they will do an amnio before to make sure the baby's lungs are developed. So...that's all the news that I have on that. Jon and I are busy getting ready for this little ones arrival...we got our car seat and stroller this weekend...I love them! I probably spent way too much on my stroller but I got what I wanted and I've been waiting a long time for this so I just spent the money :) Sometimes in life you just have to do that I think :) We also picked up a few bottles...I decided to go with Playtex drop-ins...I also got a few glass Gerber bottles as well. Any body have any advice on bottles for me? Also formula? I know it depends on each and every baby but just wondering if you had better luck with one over the other and that sort of thing. Also...Jon and I were talking last night about vaccines...I know that this is a hot button topic and I don't want to get too much into it but if any of you have any good links for website whether they are for, against, alternative schedule...whatever...please pass them along as we now realize we should probably figure this out. I am not against vaccines altogether...I definitely feel there are some that we just don't need...also I've been hearing a lot about alternative schedules and spacing the vacs out a bit so the baby isn't getting so many at one time. Anyway...just something we've been thinking about and it's such a broad topic I don't know where to start! Any other advice would be greatly appreciated...I've been asking my clients what the one thing they had for their babies/kids that they didn't think they needed but were so glad they had...something that surprised them...and I've had a lot of people say...skip the wipes warmer :) So...what's your one thing you're so glad that you have? Okay...I'll stop with the questions...and I don't have any more news so I'll let you go about your day :) Thanks for checking in!

Oh...don't forget to vote in the poll! It's been fun seeing what you all think...I guess girl is winning over boy...we'll see who's right!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey all! I thought I'd better get on here and give you all little update! But first...let's take a many can believe that we are already into 2010?!? Crazy! I had to write it for the first time the other day and it totally threw me off! Why you ask? I don't just did :) Anyway...on to the real news of why you all check this blog :) Well...we really don't have any new news to share with you regarding the baby. We've talked to our counselor and we've done the cooperative agreement...all the birthmom wants is pictures and letters twice a year until the baby is 18 (and at that time we will no longer be referring to he or she as a baby...or...maybe we will :) ). She, the birthmom, also had wanted to have a say in the name but over the last few days she has decided that that really isn't too important to her. We had decided that we would give her a list of names that we liked and she could let us know if there was any that she really didn't like or if any had any negative meanings to we are trying to get what we want...please her...and have our baby's name have some meaning all at the same time...we'll see what we end up with :) And we still don't have a specific date as to when the baby will be born...we are still being told that her doctor said he'd induce her sometime the last week of January...they'll do an amnio on her to make sure the baby's lungs are even if we do get a date it could change if the baby's lungs aren't quite there...and we don't want any trips to the NICU so we will wait patiently if that's the case...sure hoping not though...would love the baby to come out as soon as possible :) The birthmom has a doctor appointment on Monday we are told so maybe we'll know more then...from what we understand the birthmom is thinking that the baby is already pretty big so I think she's anxious to get this little one out as well. Could be as soon as 3 weeks! Or I guess even less than that! Crazy! Well...I don't know anything else that I can think of and I'm not sure I could possibly use anymore :) in this post :) Oops...guess I was wrong :) Well I hope you all had a great New Years and here's to 2010! Cheers!

Oh yeah...and a few mentioned that I should add a poll to the side so we could keep track of what everyone's guesses over there and guess away! :) So far from what I hear from all of you I think we are about split...half of you think a boy and half think girl so the poll will be fun to see how it really averages out...