Saturday, November 27, 2010

Drum Roll Please................

Well here it is...this is what my sister-in-law, Annette, and I have been working on. After loosing Emmalee, someone gave me a necklace with her name on it...and I loved it. And when the boys died, Annette found out where Emmalee's necklace was made and got me one with their names on it...and I loved it! It is just so nice to be able to wear their names on your neck and be able to carry a reminder of them with you. And so...after Annette gave me my necklace we started talking about how we would like to be able to make these necklaces too...I wanted to be able to make them for others who had lost because they had meant so much to we started doing our research and found out how to make them. I have been able to do a couple (unfortunately) for some moms who have lost their sweet babies just recently and Annette just heard of another family that just lost their little baby so we have another one to do. But as we got making these necklaces we realized we really liked doing it and started making more for ourselves and then realized that others might like them without further is:


So what do you think?!? Pretty fun huh?!?! We think so. They are all sterling silver with a sterling silver chain. We do custom orders so if you want anything just let us know...we can put names, dates, whatever you want...we have a lot of different images so ask away and we'll let you know what we have :) And I need to get better at taking pictures of them...I think I need a light box or something...if any of you have any tips for me I will take them :) And if we get going on this we hope to be able to get a website or at least a blog up and running so that you can see all the different ones that we have done :) Right now, since we are new, we are offering them at a low price...our prices are:

Small (like the flower ones with colored disk): $20 with the chain
Medium (like the rectangle dandelion or the owl): $25 with the chain
Large (like the bird with hope or the square hope) $30 with the chain

If you would like just the charms without the chain or if you want more charms added to the chain please contact us for prices.

And you might be wondering where our name came know what they always say...the third time's the charm! Well...thank you for letting me share this with you! They do make great Christmas gifts (shameless plug!!)...or any kind of gift! Take care everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm a Winner!

I thought I'd tell you that just in case you didn't already know! hahaha! Actually, though, I am a winner...I entered an essay contest sponsored by one of our local shops (Rare Pair)...they have really cute shoes, clothes and accessories...anyway I saw in the paper a couple of weeks ago that they were holding an essay were suppose to write about a pair of shoes that made a difference in your life...and when I read that I all of a sudden had a 400 word essay in my head! :) hahaha! So...I decided that since I had this in my head I should write it could only use 400 words...and so guess how many I I had to get rid of a couple! :) You know...'cause I like to overwrite my thoughts sometimes :) Anyway...I decided to enter and I got a call that I was the 1st place winner! Yea! I was on Cloud 9 all last Thursday...I didn't know winning this contest was going to be such a big deal to me...but it was. She said that they voted and that they liked my story the best and it was the most well written...I don't know about that prize was $150 gift certificate for a pair of last night Jon, Natalee, and I went pick out my you want to see them? they are:

Cute right? And yes...they are UGGS...I would have never bought myself a pair otherwise so I thought I might as well get them ;) I did end up paying a little bit for these pair 'cause I wanted the ones that had the leather on the outside so that they would stay nicer for a little longer...but they are so soft and warm...I guess that's why people buy them, huh?!?! So anyway...I just thought that I would share my happy news with you all. And oh...if you want to read my essay...well I'll put it on the end of the post...just for you :) In other news...all is good with us...can't believe that Thanksgiving is on Thursday and that Natee will be 10 months then! She is really growing up on us fast. She is into everything now...she has figured out the crawling thing and she is moving at a good pace on her feet when she is holding onto anything...the table in the living room is her favorite. I think she's getting to the point of being done with baby food but she still doesn't have any teeth so I don't want to give her too much table food...even though I know she can gum it with her gums. And that's about it...oh...and check back here sometime this weekend so you can check out what my sister-in-law and I have been up too...once you see them I know you're going to want some made for you too! :) But I don't have time to get the pictures of those up right now so you're going to have to wait :) Sorry! Okay...have a great day and here's my winning essay (I just love saying that! Sorry...I know that it's annoying!!):

Pink Shoes
by Ali Feldman

A pair of tiny pink patent leather shoes has made the biggest difference in my life. They are a reminder to me of my journey in becoming a mommy. Ever since I was little, I have dreamt of being a mom, and after many years of trying my wish came true on April 10, 2008, when my beautiful baby girl, Emmalee Ann Pearl, was born. A girl! The dreams of all the clothes and shoes I could buy for her started dancing in my head. But our little girl was born with a heart defect and after open heart surgery and 13 days on earth; Emmalee had to go home to heaven. Little pink shoes would never be bought for her. After Emmalee, we also had twin boys, Owen and Cooper, that were born prematurely and they joined their sister in heaven after only a few short minutes with us. After their death we were crushed but we were not going to give up on our dream of becoming parents (and me becoming a mommy!) and so we decided that we were going to adopt. In September of 2009 we were approached about adopting a little baby girl and of course said yes. The papers were signed, and so of course I needed to go shopping and buy cute little clothes and a tiny pair of pink patent leather shoes for her. They were way too cute to pass up and leave in the store! Shortly before we were to take her into our home, her birth parents changed their minds and kept her. Devastated, I took the clothes back to the store, but not the shoes (or the pink sweater that matched them)…I was going to have a daughter to wear those someday. And that day came on January 25, 2010 when Natalee Ann came into our lives. Her birthmother picked us and never looked back. She chose life for Natalee and she chose us to be her parents, and we are so grateful. The first time I put those tiny pink shoes on Natalee I beamed. They were way too stinkin’ cute on her! And now as I sit here on this snowy afternoon I think of that day and those shoes, now too small for her, and I smile. Those pink shoes are a reminder of our journey and a reminder to me that I am…a mommy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

9 Month Photo Shoot

As you can model was picture perfect again :) Just thought I'd share with you Natalee's 9 month photo shoot...hope you enjoy! Oh...and a little update on Natee...she's becoming way too grown up on me lately...she just cruises around the furniture now...and she has no fear...which has lead to a few bump and bruises :) Nothing major...yet! haha! :) So...that's what Natee's been up to lately...discovering the world! Enjoy her pictures :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


I seriously don't know how it is possible to fall in love with someone more everyday(...except that I do...I love Jon more today than I did on the day that we got married...) but man alive...this little girl makes me fall hard every I thought I'd share some of our Fall pictures with you today...and make you fall in love even more too! Enjoy!

So sweet

The sticking out of the tongue is cute now....I don't know if it will be later! haha! :)

She liked these pumpkins...which was good...I think she was getting tired of me taking pictures!

All our little pumpkins :)

Happy Halloween!
Have you ever seen such a cute smile on a bear?!? ;)

Her make-up wasn't's hard to get a 9 month old to sit still!

What a cute little cub with her pumpkins!