Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bennett's 6 month pictures

Since Bennett is now 7 months old I thought I'd better get his 6 month pictures up here! haha!  Isn't he just a little cutie?!?  I sure think so!

All is well here...just busy busy busy!  But I do have more pictures and thoughts for more posts so check back here soon..hopefully I'll find a few minutes to get some more on here :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012




Heather and I had a fun afternoon at the salon getting hair makeovers :) I think we were both pretty pleased with the outcomes :) What do y'all think?!?!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Four years ago...

our sweet Emmalee came into this world! I bet her birthday party in Heaven will be amazing!! I can't even begin to imagine what a party in Heaven is like :) I'm sure there is cake! We will always miss you and always love you Emmalee!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mr. Miles Preston

I feel like I should blog a little about Miles' birth...and then don't worry...there will be a lot of pictures to follow! It was an amazing day...April 4, 2012 will definitely be a day that I won't forget...ever! We started our day by getting ready at our hotel and running to Walmart for a few things (like snacks!) that we thought we might need in the next few days. Then we had to report to the hospital with Heather at 10:00 a.m. they started hooking her up to the monitors and it was so neat to hear Mile's heartbeat one more time before he was born (we got to hear it when we traveled down in February too!). We also got to feel him move...what an active little guy he was! And then we just waited and waited and waited for 12:00 to come around. Right around 12 they came to get her and they asked if we wanted to watch from the little window of the OR...since Heather was okay with it we jumped at the chance to watch our son be born...we've never been able to do that and so it was such a neat experience...thank you again Heather! :) Around 12:25 they brought us in and we stood there and just watched and waited for him to make his arrival...the nurse counted down for us with her fingers...3, 2, 1...and then they were lifting him out! So so amazing...12:34 p.m. was the official time and I told Jon...look...he was born at 1234! :) After that we just waited for him to get weighed and cleaned up and for them to finish up with Heather...that part we didn't watch! haha! I couldn't believe when the nurse showed me through the window that his weight was 6 lb 15 oz...we all thought he was going to be over 8! And he was only 20"...we thought at least 22 :) After about a half hour they brought Mr. Miles (who didn't have a name at that time) to our room and it was such a special time...reminded us of when they wheeled Natalee in for the first time...there were lots of tears for sure! :) After looking at him for awhile we decided that he looked like two different names...and so we went and asked Heather which one she liked best and Miles became his name. Preston is a family name for Heather (her grandpa, brother and son all have that middle name) and so we wanted to do that for her :) The funniest thing was that Miles wasn't even on our was a name that I have liked for awhile and so when I brought it up I thought Jon would shoot it down...but he actually liked it :) hahaha! So Miles Preston Feldman it is :) After that we just had a great 2 days in the hospital doing all the newborn stuff that you get to do and having lots of visits with Heather. It really was a great couple of days...we will never forget them :) And now...onto the pictures :)

Last belly picture before she had to change into her gown :)

Here he is!! The nurse came and grabbed my camera and boy am I glad she did...she got some great shots! And Heather's mom took my other one...unfortunately I forgot my charger for that one and the battery died as they were looking through the pictures so I haven't seen any from that camera....and the memory stick doesn't work in this computer so I'll just have to wait until we get home to see those pictures! :)

One more shot of him coming out!

Our beautiful birthmom!! It was an emotional day for all of us! :) But good emotions :)

Our first up close look at Miles :) I love this picture :)

And Heather getting to see Miles :)

This picture looks so much like a picture we have of Emmalee

Looks like he was happy! haha! :)

First time Jon got to hold Miles :) I always let him hold first so I can take a picture :)

We don't have a picture of both of us looking at the camera at the same time so I picked the one where I was looking! hahaha!

Getting his first bath by nurse Robyn

He loves getting his hair combed...and he loved laying under the heat lamp :)

Heather and Miles...she took this picture with her camera on her phone...I love it!

All of us :)

The doctor that delivered Miles

Ready to go home! I gotta put his going home outfit on him again and get a picture of him in was so stinkin' cute!!

First bottle at "home"

Wow! That was a lot of pictures huh! Well I did another post you'll have to look below for that one :) Enjoy!!

What we've been up to so far....

Hi there! So you get two posts in one day! Crazy!!! We've been having a great time in Georgia getting to know our new little guy and seeing some of the touristy stuff around here. Today we were able to go to St. Simon Island...what a fun place...we want to go back and have a beach day if we can :) We'll see what happens :) One of the highlights for me today was going to Southern Soul Barbeque...shortly before we came down I happen to see this joint on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and the whole time I watched that show I was hungry. Let's just say that it didn't disappoint! don't even know good ribs...these ribs were the best!! If I could bring some back for you I would!!! Well I'll wrap this up and let you just enjoy the pictures :) Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!! It's amazing that we have a Savior that would die for us so that we, as imperfect as we are, can live with Him forever someday! His wonders and love never cease to amaze me!! Only through Him can we be saved...and He made it so easy for how come we make it so hard for ourselves sometimes?! Thank you Lord Jesus for the Cross!'s so hard being this cute! :)

Miles before his first big trip to Walmart :) We were able to get a place that has a full kitchen so we went to get a few groceries for our stay down here

Bad picture of me but I wanted to share Miles after his first bath...he didn't like getting his body washed but loved it when I washed his hair! I've had years of practice! hahaha!

This looks like the stork that brought us Miles! hahaha! These birds must be so used to people...they hardly moved! Right after this we saw dolphins swimming in the ocean...that was pretty neat!

See that big bridge in the background?!? We went over that...would that have scared you Annette?!?

Southern Soul...featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!

My little lanky boy with his Mohawk! :) We had to go to Target tonight to get him a few outfits...everything I brought just swims on I didn't have an Easter outfit for him and I decided I wanted one :)

Mmmm...bubba! Love his eyes!

Last but not least we tried to do a few newborn shots tonight but he didn't want to cooperate...we'll try a different time but these were a couple that turned out pretty cute :)