Wednesday, July 29, 2009 reasons I love summer...

I'm going to try this again...but since the last time I have added one more reason why I love summer:

Exhibit A:
You can't find this activity in the winter time...actually I don't think you can find this activity anywhere else except in the Midwest...although maybe in the South you know what it is:

I took these pictures with my phone so they aren't the greatest quality...but still...not bad! guessed it ( didn't?!?) it is a pick-up truck derby! Jon and I went to it the week of the Fourth of July at a county was a lot of fun...I actually do like derby's...especially when they have pick-up trucks! My favorite one was a turquoisey blue (how do you like that color description?!?) older looking truck but he didn't win...rats. Anyway...reason number one for liking summer...derby and county fair time (and I didn't even mention the yummy deep fried fair food!).
Exhibit B:

Well actually I don't have a picture for this one, although I wish I did, but I love fireflies! And you don't get those in the winter either! While we were driving home one night I asked Jon if he had seen any yet, and his reply was I pressed my nose to the window (not really but it makes for a better visual) to find those fireflies. Well I did see one and I was so excited that I said...oh...there's one! Which lead to Jon slamming (well maybe slamming is too hard of a word but the breaks did go on) on the brakes and me really wanted me to see the firefly. Well he totally forgot about my question and was sure that I was talking about a deer...I forgot that I was suppose to be looking for those...ha...maybe you had to be was funny! But then being the sweet guy he is...on the Fourth while we were watching the fireworks from Valley Grove there were a lot of them up there and so we ran around like kids again trying to catch them...I don't know but I think there used to be a lot more of them then there are now...and I think that they are getting faster 'cause we only caught one. But it was sure fun watching Jon run and leap trying to catch them for me...I'm sure I looked funny too but I can't see myself so I don't know! No...I probably look pretty graceful!
Exhibit C:
I love summer because teachers have the summer off. That means that my friend Chelsea and her hubby Philip can come and visit me! It was so much fun having them at our house and catching up with them! It has been way too long and they live all the way on the West Coast...which I heard is getting hit hard with a heat wave right now...they are not used to that...sorry guys! Here's a few pictures of us from their time here:
Chelsea and I....Chelsea was my maid of honor at my wedding...we have had a lot of fun times together and I miss her and wish she wasn't so far away...but we try to make the most of our times together!

After Chelsea took this picture she guys look like brother and sister. Actually, if you know my brother, Sam and Philip could look a lot a like!

Here's the cute couple that just celebrated their 3rd was a great wedding to be in ...116 degrees in a church that had no air conditioning...that was not my kind of summer! But their wedding was beautiful and so much fun to be in...thanks guys!
Exhibit D:
Bonfires and Smores! Since we put our fire pit in last year we've really been trying to take advantage of it! And this summer has been great because it hasn't been overly hot and there haven't been too many bugs!


Levi and big teaser Jon in the background

Jon and Greta

Toasted Marshmallows...duh!

Jon's sister Annette and Logan
Exhibit E: (don't worry...I won't go through the whole alphabet...I'm almost done)

My pretty flowers...although they are hard work keeping them looking nice. We haven't had a lot of rain this year so I've had to put my A game on and get out there and water them...I usually forget!
Okay...I think I'm done...I do love the summer...or the activities of the summer...and I am very thankful that this one hasn't been too hot!! In other news...we are in the Book (for the adoption agency)! So...let the calls start coming in! In another post I'll put the pictures in of our turned out cute. And check out our kids' blog...I tweaked it a bit to cutesy (is that a word and if do you spell it?!?) it up! Also...(wow...I do have a lot to say today!) I have been reading through Job lately and it's so good! So I am thinking about doing another blog for a Bible Study where we can all read the same thing...I'll post the passage on the blog...and then in the comments section we can discuss's like a book! What do you think? Okay...running for now...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ahhhh...I can breath

That's what I said on Wednesday when I a.) finished my scrapbook for the adoption agency and b.) found out that I didn't have to do a third draft of my "dear birthmom" letter! Yea! We are so close to going into "The Book" at the agency that it is not even funny! I am so sorry that I have been MIA on this blog...maybe no one even checks it anymore! But I do have some entries that I cannot wait to get on here (like answering your questions about the adoption if you have any more let me know)...and now maybe I'll have more time! Anyway...for the time being I just thought I'd get on here real quick and give you an update and thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers as we finished up the paperwork and all for the adoption stuff. It does feel good to breath again! And I was going to tell you about why I love summer around here but blogger is not letting me post my pictures...and I really need my pictures to tell the story (well maybe not...but I'd like them) so I guess you'll have to wait until next time :) But...I will give you one reason right now why I love this summer...65 degrees today...yes...I do love this weather! I am not one that likes it hot and sticky...anywhere from about 60-78 is perfect for me. Well I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far...and I will talk to you soon! (And hopefully be able to post pictures!)