Saturday, March 31, 2012

Again...what have we been up to...

...playing, playing, playing...and packing, packing, packing!! :) Do you see I kept with the same theme as the last post! :) It has been so nice here in Minnesota (well the last few days have been a little on the cooler side) that we have had to take all the chances we can get and get outside...which has lead to some pretty tired kiddos!

We also received some pretty fun dress up clothes from the little girl next door so we have had fun with those too! Here is Natalee in her "Rella" dress :)

I love how she was hiking up her skirt so I could see her light up princess shoes :) They are pretty thank you Jolee and Amy!!

We have also been chewing on anything that we can get our hands on...which is nuks, toys, mom, blankets....the list goes on and on! He is so drooly right now I can hardly stand it! hahaha! But those teeth still have not popped through...I'm sure they will when we are gone...isn't that how it always goes! ha!

Here is Bennett in his sisters John Deere hat...she was sharing it with him...she has gotten quite attached to the hat and has to hang it up behind the back door like daddy does when she comes inside! I think I have a little farmer girl on my hands :) I'm surprised I don't have a picture of her with her hat on!

We also got to go to Build a Bear and make Bennett's and new baby's heartbeat bears :) I was so happy when we went to Georgia that we were able to go to a doctors appointment and hear the baby's heartbeat...and I was so happy that Heather allowed me to record the heartbeat so I could put it into the bear for baby...with both Natalee and Bennett we had to wait to record their heartbeats after they were born...which is still very cool...they are still really fast sounding...just a lot louder! haha!

Natalee was a good helper and Ole even came up to be a part of the festivities :) And in case you all haven't heard, Ole is going to be a big brother come August (or maybe September...just depending on baby!) so we had to pick up another recorder so Britt can take it with to her next doctors appointment :) It was also my mom's birthday so we had a fun day of shopping and lunch after we made our bears :)

Not a great picture of Natee but Ole sure looks cute so I had to use it :) Sorry Natee! :)

And since you don't know the gender of the baby yet I can't show you the finished product :) You'll just have to wait!!

Speaking of waiting...not much time left for us to wait anymore...the delivery date is coming up quick and we are so excited!! We are busy packing and trying to figure out what we are going to need down there...but thank goodness there is a Walmart very near and so if we forget anything we can surely find it there ;) And looking at the poll it looks like most of you think it's going to be a girl...we'll just have to wait and see if you are right :) If you haven't placed your guess there is still would be fun to hit 100!

Well I better close this's late and we are celebrating Easter tomorrow with Jon's family! I'll have to post pictures of that soon...and I took Bennett's 6 month pictures so if I get a chance to work on them before I go I'll get them up here too! Okay...Happy Palm Sunday tomorrow! Oh...and I guess it's April Fools'll have to let me know if you pulled any good far I have nothing planned...we'll see how the day ends! hahaha!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What have we been up to... word...PAPERWORK! Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork. When you do adoption there is a lot of paperwork to fill out...and boy am I wishing that I had taken copies of it last time :) It would have made my job this time around so much easier since all of our answers are the same as they were just 8 months ago. But all the paperwork is so worth it because it means we are bringing a baby into our home very soon :) We are so excited for this new little one we can hardly stand it! Time seems to be moving quick and slow all at the same time! ha! But by Thursday of this week all the paperwork should be in and our homestudy should be complete so that is very exciting! Also on Thursday we get to go to the courthouse and make Bennett's adoption final! We finally got our report to court date and we are so happy that it is finally here!He is already our son but it's just nice to get all the final paperwork (there's that word again!) wrapped up and have the judge sign off! I'll be sure to post pictures from that day as well! Let's see...what else have we been up too...

we have been sneaking in some naps with daddy when we can...I just thought this picture was way too cute not to share with you...Jon will probably thank me for it :) ha! Bennett has been so drooly lately that he has had to wear a bib all the time now. I don't know if he's cutting teeth or what but the drool can stop any day now :) Bennett has also started to sit up on his own! He's such a strong little guy...his stomach muscles are incredible! I think he's going to be athletic for sure! We've also been...

playing dress up! Here's Natalee with her tutu on her head...I'm pretty sure her cousin Lily is the one that did this to her :) I thought she looked so cute with her "veil" on and her shades :)

We also got to have Ole and grandma come one afternoon for a play date...the kids had so much fun together...Natee got this little table from Grandma and Grandpa for her birthday and she is really loving it. She likes to color a lot...and she mostly keeps it on the paper :) We've had to have a few time-outs for coloring on the walls...she's funny...she will do it and then she'll come and get me and point to what she does and say "no-no" and then for awhile afterwards every time she goes past the spot (even though it's been cleaned up) she'll still say "no no"...thank goodness for washable crayons and Mr. Eraser!

Here they are saying "what do you want?!" hahahaha! Let's see...what else have we been up to....

we've been hanging in our swing! Bennett loves to swing (and Natee hated the swing...well...maybe not hated but she didn't want to spend more than 2 minutes in it!) The other day I caught him just hanging out like this...looks like it is time to start putting the safety belt on him! haha! Both kids just went in for their checkups (another part of the paperwork...they both had to get physicals) and both of them did great. Natee was right around the 50th percentile for everything and Bennett was just a little above that for all of his stuff. All in all they are healthy kids, which we thank God for every day! They are both such a blessing to us and we can't imagine our lives without them...and we can't wait to give them a new sibling in the Feldman house will be busy but oh so blessed! Well...I'd better wrap this up and go to bed...hope you liked the little update! :)