Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Writers Block

So I'm trying to work on our "Dear Birthmom Letter" but I'm having writers block....I know...hard to believe huh! So then I realized it's been a while since I've written on here I am! Just a quick update on what's going on in our lives. We are officially done with any meetings we have to go to for all the adoption stuff. We now just have to write our letter and then make our picture book and then turn it all in. The whole letter writing thing is not easy. How do you tell all about yourself and all that you like to do in one letter. And it's kind of a funny feel like you are marketing yourself to a potential birthmom and something about that doesn't necessarily feel right. But I'm just going to pray about it and pray that the right words would come out and reach the one woman who is suppose to be our birthmom to our baby. So I guess you could pray about that for us too:) I'm hoping to have all this done by the first of July but then I realized that that is only in 2 weeks and they make you write 3 different drafts of your letter before it is finalized so we'll see if it gets done by then...I hope so. Also, I realize that some of you may have questions about all this adoption stuff that I haven't answered yet so please feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to answer any questions. Moving on...about 10 days ago (or so) I saw on Steven Curtis' website (or his managers blog) that they were looking for pictures of dads with their little girls to play on a slide show with the song Cinderella for Father's Day (on a side note...that song came out when we were pregnant with Emmalee and Jon always said he was going to dance with her to's one thing he's now looking forward to doing in Heaven...and we also know all to well the lyrics..."all too soon the clock will strike midnight (or in our case...noon) and she'll be gone"...). Well I decided I would send a picture of Jon holding Emmalee in and see if it made it...guess what...I checked today and there it was! So head on over to and see it for yourself...the whole slide show is about 4 min 25 sec and Jon and Emma's picture is at the 3:40 mark. It was just so cool to see...for me at least:) They did a very good job and it's very sweet to watch...I think you all will like it. Let's see...oh...our pastor has been doing some great sermons lately so sometime I'm going to post the link on here so that you can listen to them as well...they have been awesome and very inspiring...but I'm looking at the clock here and realize I better get back to work! Please also be in prayer for us on Friday...this is my would be due date with the all likely hood they would have already been here with us but this date just seems to be looming over me lately. It's going to be a hard day but we'll make it through. My sister-in-law, Annette, asked me to go shopping that day so that will be fun and it will help take my mind off of the day for a bit. And I realize that I haven't posted on the other site for a while and I do intend to get back but I've just been processing some things and I'm not ready to write them yet. But I do plan on writing something on Friday so we'll see. Well thank you in advance for any prayers you send up on our behalf...we greatly appreciate them. And if there is anything I can ever pray for you please leave a comment or send me and e-mail...I would love to return the favor! Talk to you all later!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pretty Pretty Pictures & Jon's Birthday

So I thought I'd get on here and show you some pictures of all my flowers...I think I'm done as I have spent way to much moola on them already! But once I got started I just couldn't stop! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the wagon that I did out at the cemetery...I'll have to get one on here later! And then we also celebrated Jon's birthday this last weekend (May 30th)...he wanted to go to a big nursery here in the Twin Cities, where we picked out more plants and flowers! We also stopped by Fleet Farm (or for those of you in IL...Farm and Fleet) and picked up some seeds for the garden and a couple new bird feeders! And then we went out to eat at the Quarterback Club here in town. Big birthday plans! Oh...and we also planted our part of the garden out at the farm...kinda on a whim but we hadn't gotten out there yet and you need to get seeds into the ground if you want to have a harvest we thought we'd better just do it! Then on Sunday we went out to eat with my parents and my mom made him a homemade carrot cake that had to weigh 10 was really good and I don't even like carrot cake. That's about all that's new with us. As far as the adoption stuff goes we have all 4 meetings next week! That's just how it worked out! So it will be a busy week but at least we'll be done. Then we will just need to write our letter and get our photo book done! Wow! It's exciting! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers...we really appreciate it! Now on to the pictures...enjoy!

Emmalee's Wagon...full of flowers...again! Do you see the two little turtles in there? It's like Where's Waldo...look hard! I found them at Cub Foods last year and thought they were too cute to leave at the they now make their home in Emmalee's Garden!

I just like this shot

Our neighbor, Bob, fixed my wheelbarrow from last totally fell apart after I had flowers in it and started watering it. Isn't it cute:)

I just think this flower is so pretty...don't ask me what it's called though...that...I don't know.

My dairy box on my front didn't turn out as cool as last year...oh well.

This is a metal trike that my mom bought for us to have in our yard in memory of the boys. A client of mine actually gave me the flowers to put in's actually a hanging basket but when I put it into the opening of the trike to see if that size pot would work I fell in love with it there so I left it!

Here's the metal flower that my mom got us in memory of Emmalee.

An old freezer basket I had...I thought it turned out cute.

Don't you just love the yellow ones with the purple centers!

I planted these flowers in old enamel wear bowls that I had gotten from Jon's grandma Hedvig.

I just love the pink and green together!

Our hanging basket by our front door

Look Lynne! My bleeding hearts came back! Aren't they so pretty!

Some other very cool flowers that I have no idea what their name is...but aren't they pretty!

I didn't do anything special with these...just put them in the bowl in the container I got them in...I guess I finally got lazy. I just love the way impatients look like little roses when they bloom.

Do you see our little hummingbird?! I guess he's liking our new bird feeders!

My rock garden and flower pots

Our backyard landscaping...doesn't our grass look great! Jon has worked very hard on it to make it look this good!

Jon cutting his cake...would you just look at that thing! And did taste as good as it looks:)

My mom and dad...aren't they cute!

Sam and Britt...picture perfect!

The birthday boy and his very blessed love this guy! He is the best! Love you Jon!