Thursday, February 25, 2010

1 Month Old

Happy 1 Month Birthday Natalee! Isn't she just cute!
This shirt is so old! Correct me if I'm wrong mom, but I think that this was my shirt when I was a baby...I know I for sure used it on my dolls growing up but I think it was orginally mine (or maybe Sam's)...I came across it while going through some things and I think it's a perfect shirt for Natee to wear!
This is a bear that I have been waiting to use...I bought it years ago after Christmas at Bath and Body Works for really cheap! I think it was $25 (originally $250 I think)...I've been waiting to use it for my kids someday so I see how much bigger they've gotten from month to month :) She still looks pretty little compared the the bear but she's starting to fill out! I got her on the Wii the other day and it said she weighed 9 lbs! I don't know if it's accurate or not but it's probably pretty close!
Here's Natee trying to be a big girl! She thought she should show mom how she can sit up! Not kidding...I really had to push her back to get her to relax and lay down :) She is so strong!
So sorry for the lack of posting! And I was doing so well! Rats! Nothing too new around here...just still getting use to each other :) Can you believe that Natalee has been in our lives for a month now?!? I can't! Next week I'm really going to try hard and get a lot of pictures on here because I have a lot to show you...but for now I hope you all enjoyed these! Oh...and we've been told that the birthmom picked a date to sign the papers...March please be praying that all goes smoothly. If she does sign that day and does not back out the adoption part for her will be finalized on March 23rd....after that day she cannot change her mind and Natalee is ours! So thanks in advance for the prayers! Well take care and we'll chat later!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Miss Natalee's Photoshoot

Well here are little Miss Natalee's pictures that we had done with Ali Hohn last week! I hope you all enjoy them! And if I do say so myself...I think we have a little cutie here! She's very photogenic! Take care!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Cutie!

Look at this little cutie who is 15 days old! Crazy how time flies! Don't you just love all the rolls! All is well here...I'm just enjoying a little snuggle time with my girl and thought I'd post this cute picture! After this I have to get back to work on my taxes...yuck! Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts yesterday...they must have really worked because it turned out to be a really good day...we didn't get to celebrate the boys like we had wanted to (stupid it was quite pretty) but we will do it on Wednesday instead. Yesterday was also Natalee's original due glad she was with me yesterday and not still inside her birthmommy's tummy...crazy to think that we've already had her for two weeks! I'm so glad that we have! Well I'm going to run for now...oh yeah...check out this website and see if you recognize the Catch of the Week!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We've been busy!

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posting...but we've been busy! I think I'll have to break this post up into a couple different ones...just so I don't get too long and bore you! This week started out with Natalee turning 1 week old and our Bible Study threw us a surprise baby shower! It was a lot of fun showing her off to they all made really good food for supper and they gave her lots of cute presents! Then we also had more pictures taken of her and tomorrow we will get to go and preview them and then I'll be able to put some of them on here...but be warned...she looks really cute! Tuesday we just hung around but then on Wednesday we left for the rest of the week and went up north and took Natee ice fishing for the first time! I'll post pictures and write more about this later! Now today we just hung around here...celebrated Natee turning 13 days old and looking forward to tomorrow when we can celebrate the boys birthday and the fact that Natee is going to turn 14 days old, which is a milestone for us and our kids (if you remember Emmalee only lived for 13 days). Tomorrow I plan on writing my thoughts out on the other blog so you'll have to check it out :) I've been a little weepy today just thinking about the boys (I think part of it is lack of good sleep :) Thanks Natalee for that!) but like I told Jon today that it's hard to comprehend that I'm grateful 'cause I have Natalee and yet so sad that they couldn't be here with us...but if they were here we wouldn't have's so complicated! :) But anyway...I won't get into that here...but I will give you a few pictures of our sweet would you like that?!?! you go:
The girls in pink! Natalee with her Auntie Net!
Natalee got some pretty flowers from our church...she was really grateful...even if it doesn't look like it in this picture! Big yawn!
Adam and Amanda from our Bible Study...they gave us these cute onesies and matching headbands that Amanda made...too cute! I think she's going to start selling them...I'll let you know! Oh...and I'll get a picture of them on here as soon as I put Natee in one!
Natalee and Cory (also from our Bible Study)...Sarah didn't get in the time Sarah! They gave Natalee some cute outfits that she can't wait to wear!
Gary and Kelly (they were the hosts)...they gave Natalee a really cute zebra that matches her blanket...and they gave us the Baby Wise book...which so many of you have recommended to I can't wait to get Baby Wise! And get Natalee to sleep through the night! ha! :)
Michael and Holly...they gave us cute tutu pj's for when Natalee gets older...she's going to be so cute in them...they also gave us a book on parenting...we're going to become experts! :)
Now aren't these cupcakes cute! Amanda made them...nice and pink and girly!
She even put N's on some of wasn't until the end of the night that I realized that they were N's...I just thought they were pretty swirls!
Well I hope you guys have a good week...I'll be back on later this week with another post. Oh for my last post...I don't want any of you to be concerned...I posted a picture of Natalee on her tummy on a blanket...she was not sleeping (she might look like it 'cause she closes her eyes when my flash goes off) but rather she was just having some tummy time with me sitting right next to her...I do know that they don't recommend that you put your baby on their tummy's to sleep...although I do know that there are plenty of people that do and their baby's have been just fine...I am a little over cautious so I am very careful as I cannot stand the thought of something happening to another one of my don't worry okay...I am doing my best to be a good mom :)