Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year (almost)!

Can you really believe that today is the last day of 2008!?! I know I sure can't! Well I thought I'd just give you a quick update on all that's been going on at our house. Sorry I didn't blog earlier but with Christmas, it just got to be so busy around here! I still can't believe Christmas is over some ways I feel like I missed it this year! But I'm sure next year will be a fun one! Last Monday (the 22nd) we had a Dr.'s appointment. All looks to be good! We were 14 weeks at that time and now this Friday we will be at 16 weeks already...sometimes the time seems like it is going so slow and other times I can't believe we are this far along already! The babies are growing like they should and they were moving around a lot! Our doc doesn't see anything that he's worried about yet...he just reminded me that I need to be cutting back my hours at work...and I am trying to do that! Sorry for all my clients out might get just a little harder to schedule but we'll figure it out! Anyway...he set up our big ultrasound for Jan. 19th...we'll be just a little over 18 weeks then...he'll check for all the heart stuff at that one. It's an hour long! If he doesn't see anything that concerns him then he said he'd feel good about not doing an echo on both of the babies...but if anything looks out of the ordinary or he just can't see it clearly then he'll order us to go up there and have that done at some point. Also he said that if we just wanted some peace of mind he'd just order the echo, whether he thought we needed it or not. He's so good to us! But we're just going to wait and see what the ultrasounds show on Jan. 19th...and we trust him so much so I'm guessing that if he feels good about it then we probably won't do one...they are kind of expensive! And Jon and I feel like we saw so many of Emmalee's that we kind of know what we are looking for as far as the heart goes so I'm sure we'll be wide eyed that day as well! I said...we'll see. As for other news...I don't think anything else is new with us. Christmas was to see a lot of family and friends and had a good time celebrating with them. Our good friends, Mike and Cayla (along with their kids Alissa & Titus), are back from Alaska (for only a month) so we're getting together with them at some other friends house will be fun seeing them again...we sure do miss them! And now today I'm just trying to get my house back into some kind of order and get caught up on everything that I've been slacking on (like blogging!). Well I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve! I'll leave you with the latest ultrasound pictures...hopefully you're not getting too tired of seeing them! I'm going to try to get one more picture of them together at the next ultrasound...I don't know if they'll be too big by then to get them both in the picture but I'm going to ask the tech to try! They are already looking like cute little babes...and just to give you the heads up...if you can't tell what you are looking at with baby B it's because he or she decided to turn and not let us have a nice we got it's best side...the back side! Talk to you all later!

Baby A...I think this is such a good profile shot! I can't believe that at only 14 weeks they look so much like little babies! Already looking like a pretty cute baby!
Baby B...this end is his/her head...then the back...then the butt! Like I said...he/she is already taking after their father and giving us their best side! But even though this is the back side...I think this baby is looking just as cute...I'm not bias or anything!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a quick note

Just thought I'd check in with you and let you know that things are starting to get better on my end...still a little nauseous at times but not bad at all...I tell you...last Friday I hit 12 weeks and it was like a switch turned off...I thought to myself...I feel pretty good today...then Saturday I felt pretty good...and Sunday...can it really be?!? I have been reassured that can just quit just like that so I'm very hopeful that I am done with the worst of it. Also...these last could days I could swear I already felt slight movement...I keep telling Jon that I'm not counting it yet but I have also been reassured by my friend Sarah, who has had 2 sets of twins, that she started feeling them move at 12 weeks...less room inside there I guess! Anyway...nothing else too new with us. I just posted on Emmalee's blog...we decorated a tree and took it out to the cemetery. I think it looks cute...we are going to make that a yearly tradition. And at my last doctors appointment...which was last Monday...they did an I'll post the pictures here for mom hasn't even gotten to see these yet...and they are already getting bigger! My next one is on the maybe I'll have new pictures then for you as well. Take care all!

Baby A

Baby B (with a little of Baby A sneaking into the picture)

Friday, November 28, 2008

First Pictures

Well I decided that I couldn't use Emmalee's blog for anything else because it was her here's our new family blog. And I do say family because Jon and I are very happy to announce that we are expecting again. Here are a few first pictures for you:

Oh...did I mention we are expecting TWINS! We are so excited! They are doing really good so far...our due date is somewhere around June 19 or 21st...they gave me the due date of the 21st but they are measuring around the I'm going to chose the 19th because that's just 2 days sooner! And so today I can say that I am 11 weeks along...feeling okay but I'm very nauseous and tired. Up until last Thursday I was able to say that I haven't thrown up since 5th grade...well...I can no longer say that...and let's just say...I was not very happy about that! But I guess that's a good sign that everything is going good. We are doctoring down at Mayo again and feel very fortunate that we could get in with our doctor again. They'll watch us very closely and even though the chances are slim of another heart problem, they will do a echo on the babies at 2o weeks (or somewhere in there). But we are very hopeful that these two will be fine and that they will be happy and healthy! I still can't believe it is truly amazing. God has definitely blessed us and He is continuing to bless us. I know Emmalee would be happy to be a big sister! Well you all take care! I'll write more later! Thanks for letting me share our good news with you!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A New Blog

I decided that I would start a new blog to keep you all updated on other things going on in our lives. Nothing too new to report for now...just had some time today to get this up and going so I thought I would. Now I'm going to have to look in my digital camera and see what pics I need to post! Talk to you all later!