Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monkey see...monkey do...

Natalee is definitely a monkey see, monkey do kind of girl. She tries to impersonate everything she when we were in North Dakota one of the ladies was trying to get Natee's attention by banging her cane on the floor three Natee walked over, took her cane, and banged it three times as well...needless to say...she did get a laugh :) And just last night Jon was peeking around the corner at her and so she started to go around the corner and come peeking at him...and then the other day I was clearing my throat and she started to make this sound like she was choking on something...nope...just clearing her throat too! :) So anyway...last week Tuesday she was at my mom-in-laws house and my two nephews were over there...Carter likes his nuk and had it in for the good part of the time that I was there...well the next day look what I found: Isn't she cute! I always wanted a nuk/paci baby...she did take one when she was first little but gave it up on her own long time ago...well she found one in her toy bin and came to show me what she had...and wouldn't you know...she kept it in most of the day...I guess it was something new for her. The next day though...she could have cared less...which I guesss is a good thing since she might be a little old to be starting that habit...I'm just glad I got a few pictures of little monkey see, monkey do girl! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

North Dakota

Okay...I have to confess...when I posted the last time (about all of Natee's toys) I really did mean for that post to be a lead in for many more posts...because I was going to get really good at this blogging thing again...and then...I failed! Life got...well...busy...again...and here I am...a good couple of weeks behind! Our little corner of the world is good...well...except that we lost a dear family member...Maralee's (Jon's mom) cousin, Richard, passed away after fighting cancer for a was so sad to get the news that his fight was over...cancer is such a nasty disease...I hate it and I hate how many people it has taken from my life and I'll just leave it at that. When we got the news we decided to take a road trip out to North Dakota for his visitation and funeral. There were 7 of us in our Honda Odyssey...and I can't believe that we didn't feel totally cramped in there...we all did a good job packing (and if you know me you know that packing light is not my gift...I like to pack for all the "just in cases!"...but even I did good!) and we got settled into our places and away we went! On the way out it was nice because we stopped about 8 hours into our trip (in Bismark) and spent the night there...then we only had 3 1/2 hours to go the next day...but on the way back we did the whole thing in one day...and I can't believe how well Natee did...she was a trooper...she slept a little...but not as much as I thought she would. She had her moments of crankiness...but so did I! Richards service was so nice...they had a little family service the night before and everyone could share memories of him...and then the funeral the next day...Richard will definitely be missed by everyone that knew him...he had a smile that was so great and if you ever saw it you'd never forget it! I know that his family would appreciate your prayers as they start their grief journey so if you think of them, feel free to lift them up. Well I'd better end this post as I hear someone talking's time to start the day! Have a great one!
This is the barn on Maralee's farm...isn't it just cool! I wished it was closer so I could live in it...this has got to be one of the coolest barns that I have seen!

Cowgirl Natee!

Annette and Natee dressed alike...I think they called each other while they were packing and planned it that way! haha! Also...I don't think her hat was on right...her head looks so tall in this picture and she definitely has a round head! :)

Natee making new friends...and hoping she can score some of their orange! :)

Cool girl!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So many toys... little time!

Yes...the other day I came in to find that she had settled herself in nicely amongst her really was pretty cute...and as you can see...she is not lacking in the toy department! I never used to understand when parents would say that there kids had too many could you ever have too many toys...I now understand :) But that's okay...she likes them :) Well...most of the time she just sits there and unpacks her whole toy bin and that's the extent of her playing...but then there are other times that she sits down and actually plays...this has really started happening in the last few weeks...and there are a few regular things she plays with every's been fun watching her play :)
Well I just wanted to get on here and give you a quick update and let you know that I'll be back to blogging soon...I finally finished up all of our taxes and so I feel like I can get a few more things done much as you can get done with an active 1 year old :)