Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A quick little update!

I was told by more than one person that I never update my blog anymore...I guess that's true :)  Truth is that I just don't find the time to do it anymore even though I have about a million blog posts in my head that I would love to get on here!  I will try to be better...but the fact that I still have Natalee and Charlie's thank you notes from their birthdays (yes...their birthdays are in January and April) still sitting on my desk waiting to be written out...I wouldn't hold out too much hope for regular blog posts :)  But...again...I will try!  'Cause I really do like to blog...so I guess I'm saying...don't give up on me :)  Anyway...a quick update.  Everyone is doing good.  Summer is flying by way to fast and my kids are growing up way too fast already!  Charlie is 15 months now, Bennett is 22 months, and Miss Natalee is 3 1/2.  Charlie finally learned to walk and now he is running everywhere.  It's hard to keep up with the kid!  Bennett is really starting to talk and repeat what you say.  Lately Natee will be sitting with him telling him to say this or say that and it's really cute because after he says it she always says "nice job Bennett!"  Natalee is just as active and social as always.  She is always asking "why" and as most of you know, that gets very tiresome.  But I keep telling myself that that is how they learn...so I just try to smile and not give her too many "because that's the way it is!"  Life is good here.  We are building a house for those of you that didn't know that already.  We are very excited.  We are also putting a salon in it so I can do hair out of the house.  I am very excited for that and I am  not being very patient waiting for that.  Hopefully my clients are being more patient than I am waiting for me to come back and do their hair :)  We are building out on the farm, right next to Jon's mom and dad so it will be nice for the kids to grow up on the farm and for Jon to be close too since that is where he spends a majority of his time.  Everyone has always said how much time and work it is to build a house and if you can survive that as a couple you can survive anything.  I'm going to tell you...it is a lot of work!  So many decisions...who knew you had to decide on so many things!  But it's all coming together nicely and we hope to be in our new house by the end of October or by Thanksgiving for sure.  Although I have always said that if we are in by Christmas then I will be happy. :)  So since we are building we are also in the middle of selling our home...what a pain in the rear!  I am just praying that it sells soon so I can quit being so stressed about keeping my house "show ready".  Do you know how hard it is to keep your house perfect when you have three little tornado's running around?!  Let me tell you...it's hard!!  But thankfully I have a sister-in-law and her kids that have been helping me out...about an hour before the showing I ship them all out so that I can do all the last minute wipe downs, sweep ups, and touch ups and that has worked out perfectly.  I do have to say that having a spotless house is nice...and that's why I can blog today while they nap...because we had a showing today so I don't have any cleaning to do while they are sleeping!  In fact...I might just go lay my head down so I'm going to close for now!  I hope you all have a great day and I'll check in again!  Here's some recent pictures of the kids...enjoy!