Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well would you look at that!

**When I posted yesterday I forgot to thank you all who have written us lately...I thank you for all the e-mails and Facebook messages...I am going to try real hard next week to write back to all of you but for now I wanted to make sure I thanked you here...thank you for all your great words...they mean so much to us! you can go ahead a read the rest of my post... :)

Look who got all wild and crazy on you! It's me! I figured out how to change my blog! I are smart! ha! Well look out that I know how to do this it might be changing all the time! Or not...we'll see. Anywho...just thought I'd jump on here today and play around a little. I've been wanting to do it for a while but it just has seemed to be so busy...but...we finished our last home study meeting today and turned in all of our paper work so...yea....we are part way done! That feels like a huge load is lifted off my shoulders...there was so much crazy paperwork and it feel like you have to jump through so many hoops but I know that it will be worth it! Now we just have to do some workshops, go to a couple more meetings, create our Dear Birthmom letter, and create our picture book....which I think that will be fun to do...or maybe I'll stress over it...yeah...maybe a little...I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to something like that...but it will be fun. This whole process of adoption is really exciting and scary all at the same time. Right now it seems like a lot of stuff to do but then in a month or so we'll just be sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. So if any of you out there know of a mom who isn't quite ready to raise her child, please pass on our information to her...we'd love to meet her! After I get my scrapbook done I'll try to take a few photos and post them on here for you. Moving on...we had a fabulous weekend. My time down in IL was super fun catching up with Adam and Katie and getting to know Lucas and Emily. Lucas wasn't too sure of me at first but by the end of the night I even had him sitting on my lap for a bit. Thanks for a great Friday night guys! Our trip back on Saturday was's always a good time when I'm with my mom and dad. We stopped at this cool little market...they had a greenhouse and a natural foods market all in one...I wish we had more time to spend there but I did manage to pick out some really pretty flowers. I'll post some pictures on here later of them...once they bloom a little more. And Memorial Day was good...we pretty much cleaned our house to get it ready for the home visit today by our Adoptive Parent Counselor (we passed by the way!)...but we did take a little time in the afternoon to go fishing with one of Jon's buddies and his son. And that's about it. Nothing too exciting! Well I'd better get going here...Jon is on his way home and we are off to go get our new couch and loveseat! Our carpet looks great by the way...maybe I'll post a picture of that too...some other day. Here's a few pictures from my mom's 50th Birthday for you now...sorry mom...I was a little late in getting them on here (her birthday was March 31st!). Have a great week!
Mom with her basket of 50 things!
Make a wish!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just taking care of things

Hey all! I've been wanting to get on here and post for a while now and I just never seem to make the time for it! And unfortunately, today is not the day either but I just wanted to put a little update on here to let you know what's going on in the lives of the Feldman's. I would have wrote a longer post today including some pictures but I just got a call from the carpet store that they are coming to install our carpet tomorrow and so I must get everything out of the office and living room. And since I am doing that...there goes my Internet...for now. So...I have a lot of work to this will have to be short! Things are going good around here...I survived Mother's Day...actually I wasn't feeling so hot that day...don't know if it was allergies or upset stomach or just emotions of the day. We went to church and that was basically it...and I think that's was a nice day just to be at home and be by ourselves. I did however go out with my mom and sis-in-law, Britt, this last Saturday to celebrate Mother's Day and they gave me a beautiful painting that Britt did...I will have to get a picture of it on here...some other day:) We both loved the picture...the only problem with it didn't sign it!!!!! So I'll have to get it back to you so you can add your John Hancock (or as Tommy Boy would say...your Herbie Hancock) to it:) But seriously...thank you! Three months have also passed since the boys arrived all too soon...and my due date is coming fast...June will be good to get past that marker...seems like it hangs over your head. But God is good. And yes...I have planted Emmalee's wagon...full of flowers again! I know you're not really suppose to put so many in there, as they will spread, but mine last year survived so I did it again! And I also got another smaller wagon at an antique store and I planted that one for out at the cemetery...and yes...I will get pictures of that on here as well! Let's see...what else...oh...our friends, Brandon and McKenzie, were in town so we got to have lunch with them on Sunday...we met them at Faith's Lodge in February and we hit it off! They have family in Burnsville so we are very fortunate that we'll be able to see them every once in a while! We had a good time and it's just so nice having friends that have been where you've been and know what we're going through. We can't wait to get together with them again! And I totally forgot to post about my mom's 50th birthday...that was back in March...but I have pictures so I'll post them. As far as the adoption stuff goes we are still in the process of filling out paper work. We have our last home study meeting this next Wednesday and then we have to go to a few workshops, write our Dear Birthmom letter, and do a picture book. There is still so much to do but it's exciting. I am really hoping to be in "The Book" in July...and then we will just keep praying that a birthmom picks us...and hopefully soon! I'm getting kind of tired of being patient!:) Well I think I've updated you on most of what's going on...I am heading out of town Friday and Saturday...I'm going to visit some friends of mine that live in parents are heading there for a wedding so I'm tagging along to see my friend Adam and his wife Katie and their two it should be fun times! And then next week is the home study on Wednesday so it might be the following week before I get a real good post on here:) Talk to you all then!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Long time!

Wow! I am an absentee blogger! Well as most of you know April turned out to be a very busy month for us. As if it weren't enough that April was the one year mark for us of Emmalee's birthday and her going Home day, I switched salons, we had Easter, we ran up to Brainerd for an art show, celebrated my father-in-laws birthday and we started a very exciting process...but I'll get to that later. I want to thank you all for your many many prayers on our behalf. We are doing good...God is good all the time. I know I say that a lot, but I also want you to know that I believe it too. So...a little recap of our month:

Emmalee's Birthday: I've already written about it on our other blog but we had a wonderful day full of flying kites, releasing balloons, feeding our faces on hamburgers, hot dogs, and of course, birthday cake, and just remembering our sweet girl.

Ronald McDonald House: The day after Emmalee's birthday we went down to the RMD House and fed the families there. If you have a House near you I would really encourage you to get involved with it, whether it be serving a meal or just donating something as simple as toilet paper (but donating treats is much more fun!). It is just so gratifying and we personally know how wonderful it is to come "home" to a warm, home cooked meal! And don't forget to save your pop tabs!

Easter: We had a wonderful Easter. We were at the farm and my whole family was able to join us as well! The kids of course loved their Easter egg hunt (put on this year by Auntie Gretchen)! The pails they are holding I made for them a few years ago for their egg hunts...I still can't believe they like to use them! Some of them look like they are in need of a little TLC...I'll have to get them fixed for next year!

Marguerite's Salon: After all that happened this last year I just felt like I needed a change. So I moved salons. It was a hard choice, as everyone down at Trippers Clippers were so good to me, but I made it and so far things are going really good. I'm starting to feel like I'm getting settled.

Molly's Art Show: Molly is the 8 year old daughter of my dad's cousin, Debbie. Molly has been taking art lessons (I think she's pretty talented for only being 8) and she was able to have her own art show at a gallery in Brainerd. Molly told us that she had created a piece of art work in memory of our Emmalee, Owen and Cooper but she wanted to know if she could keep it to show at her art show. Well of course we had to go up there and see it, so along with my parents we made a weekend of it and it was a lot of fun. Above you can see the painting she did for us. She depicted all our babies as angels and they all got their own clouds! And I love the picture of her showing Jon her art work. He really liked that painting and she was telling him how she did it. I think he convinced her to to one for him! And then the picture of my mom with Raggedy Ann and was really my mom is so photogenic that I had to include this picture!

Emmalee's One Year in Heaven: As with Emmalee's birthday I have also written about this one on the other blog. We had a great day remembering Emmalee and we had a lot of fun with these ladies at lunch! (Emma's nurses)

Jim's 70th birthday: Jim turned 70! I think he only looks like he's turning 49! We had a barbecue for him out in the shop and of course there was cake there too! Here he is standing next to one of his Oliver tractors that he is working on restoring. He even just got himself written up in a magazine with one of his tractors. Pretty cool!

So that was our month in a short recap. Oh wait...I did elude to something else. see these two people:
well they are excited to tell you that they have started the Adoption Process! That's right...we have always felt that someday we would like to adopt and so we figured...why wait. Let's get going on it now. We are very excited...and a little overwhelmed (there is so much paperwork!) but we are well on our way. We have had one of our home study meetings so far and the next one is scheduled. We still have few months before we get our letter put into "The Book" for birth mom's to see and hopefully pick us. But we couldn't be more excited to see how God is going to build our family.
And I mentioned this on the Feldman Baby blog but I am going to use this blog for our day to day activities and use the other one as a blog where I can write down my thoughts and feelings on our journey thus far...and write about our babies of course...but it's going to not just be Emmalee's blog anymore....I'm making her share it with her brothers...after all...she should learn to share:) Well thanks for making it this far into the post. I hope you all have a great week and I hope I become better at keeping this blog updated!