Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Summer Recap #4: Watts Family Pictures and my Grandma

Hi there! I'm back...with another summer recap...I only have one more after this one....and then I'll get back to regular blogging...maybe...you all know me ;) hahaha! It's probably a good thing that I am doing these summer recaps...brings back memories of warmer weather...which at the time I do not like but these last few days have been so chilly that I wouldn't mind having a few of those warmer days back...only a couple though...don't need any 90 degree days! Anyway...this summer we were able to get together with my dad's side of the family for a day...it was so fun to be all together and since we were all going to be there we thought it would be a great time for a family picture...and good thing we did...my grandma ended up passing away at the end of the summer and so we are so thankful that we have these last family pictures.

The Whole Crew...good lookin' bunch :)

And of course...we had to have a funny picture :)

My Grandma and Grandpa Watts

These are all the cousins: Sam, me, Kami, Cory, Angie and Andy

G & G with their great-grandkids: Ole, Ellie and Natee

My dad and his siblings: Pam, Sue, Richard and Tim (my dad)

Our family: Sam, Ole, Britt, my mom Annie, my dad Tim, me, Jon and Natee

Richards Family: Lindsay, Ellie, Andy, Richard, Pam, Brian and Angie

Sue's family: Cory, Sue, Greg and Kami

Mike and Pam

And this is one of my favorite pictures of me and my grandma:

it was taken the summer after Emmalee was born so I have all the lovely acne on my face still...but I just love the look on my grandma's face...for some reason it was hard to get her to smile for pictures...and this is one of the best smiles...because it shows a little of her mischievous side too :) She was a great lady and gone from earth way too quick for us that are still here...she had low blood pressure in the afternoon of August 28th...they took her to the ER that day and they did a few adjustments to her meds and sent her home...she didn't know why they had to go the doctor anyway...she was fine...well that night since they live in an assisted living complex a nurse was coming in to check on her through the night...when she came into check on her at 2:00 a.m. on the 29th she was gone...already walking in Heaven with our Savior...and I'm sure loving every minute of it! So while we were in shock and very sad she was not...she was preparing for that moment her whole life on Earth...just waiting for her Savior to call her HOME! She was a great lady and everyone knew she loved the Lord...she and my Grandpa won many hearts for the Lord with their ministries...first as pastor and pastor's wife and then as a team with their traveling puppet ministry. I loved going to their meetings and seeing the puppets...and even though I had probably seen each service at least 5-10 times it never got old...and I never got tired of hearing the good news of Jesus...and wanting to dedicate my life to Him...and since I'm kind of competitive I know that I have a lot of work to do to catch up to my Grandma...she's going to have a huge crown I'm sure when I see her and I hope mine is just as big...if not bigger! hahaha! And I can't even begin to imagine the cloud of witnesses she had at the gate to greet her...I bet it was an awesome scene...and I'm a little jealous...I will admit...I bet she's rockin' my babies as we speak...lucky little lady :) All this to say that while yes we lost a great lady and we are still sad about it we know that she is not missing us at all...after all this life is short and we will all be there in a blink of an eye :) And...I have to say....I'm really surprised that she made it this long before going to Heaven...especially with me as a granddaughter...because you see one time when I was about 14...knowing full well that my grandmother was deathly afraid of snakes I stuck a fake one in her bed when we were camping one summer...I thought right then and there that she was going to have a stroke and I was going to be the one to kill her...I don't think I have ever been so scared...scared that I was going to kill her and scared that if she did live that I was going to get a spanking from my grandpa for scaring my grandma...well she did live...and I did not get that spanking...she (I think) kept it a secret between us 'cause she knew how sorry I was...I think she saw the look of panic on my face too :) Miss you grandma and can't wait to see you again!