Friday, November 28, 2008

First Pictures

Well I decided that I couldn't use Emmalee's blog for anything else because it was her here's our new family blog. And I do say family because Jon and I are very happy to announce that we are expecting again. Here are a few first pictures for you:

Oh...did I mention we are expecting TWINS! We are so excited! They are doing really good so far...our due date is somewhere around June 19 or 21st...they gave me the due date of the 21st but they are measuring around the I'm going to chose the 19th because that's just 2 days sooner! And so today I can say that I am 11 weeks along...feeling okay but I'm very nauseous and tired. Up until last Thursday I was able to say that I haven't thrown up since 5th grade...well...I can no longer say that...and let's just say...I was not very happy about that! But I guess that's a good sign that everything is going good. We are doctoring down at Mayo again and feel very fortunate that we could get in with our doctor again. They'll watch us very closely and even though the chances are slim of another heart problem, they will do a echo on the babies at 2o weeks (or somewhere in there). But we are very hopeful that these two will be fine and that they will be happy and healthy! I still can't believe it is truly amazing. God has definitely blessed us and He is continuing to bless us. I know Emmalee would be happy to be a big sister! Well you all take care! I'll write more later! Thanks for letting me share our good news with you!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A New Blog

I decided that I would start a new blog to keep you all updated on other things going on in our lives. Nothing too new to report for now...just had some time today to get this up and going so I thought I would. Now I'm going to have to look in my digital camera and see what pics I need to post! Talk to you all later!