Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miss Natee in Yellow :)

Hi all! Well...I think I'm recovering from my gallbladder that rough! I thought all of you said it was an easy surgery! I was really sore! But, alas, I am feeling better! Now if I could just lift Natee I will feel so much better! He told me not to lift her for 2 weeks! So I am trying to follow orders so I don't mess anything up...and with that...I need to send a shout out to all of my family for helping me take care of Natee! Everyone has been so great...either taking her to their house or coming over to lift her in and out and play with her...although...I think she's getting a little mad at her mama for not holding her much! Soon, Natee, soon :) Anyway...other than recovering not much is new. Natee turned 6 months on Sunday! Crazy! I still have yet to get her pictures by her bear...I will get those as soon as I can get some help positioning her up there...Jon's been working so hard with storm damage so he's pooped when he gets home...I'm just grateful that he has enough strength to help get Natee ready for bed before he crashes into bed. And it's been so hot...I always feel sorry for those that have to work out in the heat...I could not do it! Well, since I don't have Natee's 6 month pictures yet I thought I'd treat you to some pictures I took of her a couple days before my surgery...she looked so cute that day so I thought we needed to go outside and have a photo shoot...I think my subject was pretty cooperative :) Enjoy and we'll talk soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pants on the head...

Pants on the head...lookin' too cute with your pants on your head (set to the tune of Pants on the Ground :) hahaha! )

Monday, July 12, 2010

A little update...

Yes...I thought it was time for a little update on all of us...but who am I kidding...the only one you want an update from is Natee...and didn't she do such a good job on the last post :)

I can't believe we are already a week past the 4th of July...doesn't that mean that summer is half over?!? That can't be! We had a very good wasn't as hard of a day like it was last year (if you remember my post from last year) was rainy that day but we still went to the parade and Natalee loved her first parade :) It's been fun taking her to stuff for the first time...and I know next year when she really "gets" it it will be even more fun! After the parade went to Jon's parents house and hung out...we all wanted pizza that night and wouldn't you know...all the pizza places were closed for the holiday (as they should have been...we just didn't think about it!) we ended up having frozen pizza...'cause Cub wasn't closed! :) And then we went to town and watched the fireworks and got eaten by mosquitoes...Natee loved the fireworks....she just sat in awe of them. And yes...while there really should have been four little sets of feet this 4th of July, we are just so grateful that we have this one really cute set now :)

And if you are a friend of mine on Facebook you might already know that I had a gallbladder attack that 4th of July night that took me to the ER around 2:30 on the 5th...we got home from watching the fireworks and I felt like my stomach was really tight...then I started getting this intense pain that would not go away. I laid in bed forever until I finally got out my laptop to try to get my mind off of the pain and get some sleep...well it didn't after it didn't let up and I had Webmd(ed) it I finally came to the conclusion that it must be my gallbladder and I would head to the ER to see if I could get some relief and just make sure that it wasn't something more serious. Once we got there the pain started to subside and I thought about turning around...but Jon said that I woke him up so I was going in :) It was gallbladder and they gave me some pain pills in case the pain came back and told me to head to my doctor during the week sometime and get it checked out. So at 5 a.m. I finally crashed into bed...I tell you...I don't like being up for 22 hours straight...makes Ali one sleepy and cranky girl! :) Luckily Natee was a very good girl and she was sleepy herself...when she woke up in the morning she took her bottle and went back to sleep until 10:30 nice! I have had one more attack this week...didn't seem as bad but I also didn't wait to take that pain pill either :) I have an appointment to see a surgeon this week to discuss my options...I really don't want to have surgery but I also don't want to leave it in there if it's going to cause major problems...they told me the stones could become infected...does anyone know if this is true? My sis-in-law says there is some stuff I can take that may dissolve I might try that. Anyone else have any advice for me regarding gallbladder issues?

Well I don't have any pictures from the 4th of July yet because I left my camera in the you'll just have to make do with some other pictures of Natee for now. Here they are:

Here's Natee looking like a big girl! She's really starting to sit up on her own and not tip over too's so fun to see...pretty soon we can do some more fun pictures outside! :)

Here's Natalee with her great Grandma Watts and great Auntie Pam...Natee really loves her great grandma...and she really liked her glasses! And how do you like her bib?!? Her daddy bought that for her! :)

My cousin Angie is getting married in a few weeks so we went down to Iowa this last weekend to throw her a was fun being with the family and celebrating Angie's new chapter in her life :) l to r: Lindsay (my cousin Andy's new wife), Britt (my brother's wife...and she's expecting my nephew in should go to her blog 'cause she's got some cute pictures of Natee too), Angie, Natee, me and my cousin Kami.

And here's Natee all slobbery playing on the floor having a good time...the boppy is a good cushion for her when she gets too excited...which does happen a lot for her...she really gets into playing! :)
Well we hope that you have a good week...I'll jump on here if I have anything worthy of blogging about! :) Until Natee would say...tata for now :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm 5 months old!

Hi there...Natee here...actually I was 5 months old last Friday, so technically I'm 5 months old and 1 mom said she was too busy to get on here and show you my pictures so I thought I'd better get on here and give you guys an update! :) I'm doing good...everyone always says how chunky I am...I think I'm going to get a complex...I always say, though, that there is just more of me to love this way. I am getting bigger and I am getting a little frustrated lately. I see all this stuff that I want and that I want to do...I just can't get to it yet. I'm not very mobile. My mommy tries to teach me how to roll-over...but I'm not a dog and I just don't see the point in it. I blame it on my rolls...I'm just to chubby to roll-over! :) I am starting to sit up by myself a little...and I really like that. Of course I tip over and I don't like that! Let's see...what else have I been up to...oh mom and dad decided this week that I should try this white stuff...they came at me with this weird, skinny looking thing...I think they said it was a spoon or something...anyway...they told me to open my mouth...yeah right...but I did...and you know what...I'll open my mouth for that stuff any day...I really liked it! It doesn't have much flavor but it's kind of fun putting it in to my mouth and then blowing some of it back mom will have to get a picture of me eating it...I think you'd like to see would be a picture of me so of course you'd like to see it! And I've been sleeping well...I like to sleep for the most part...I've been going to bed around 9 and getting up anywhere between 6 and mom seems to be happier when I get up at 7 but sometimes I just can't wait and so I wake her up...but I always flash her my adorable grin and I think she forgives me! I like to yell and talk a lot...I'm kind of noisy but I like people to know that I am here. I use to hold back all my giggles but I'm starting to do it a little more often 'cause I know my mom and dad like always makes them laugh! And I think that's about mom says she'll try to get back on here soon and update you on other stuff going on in our lives but for now she let me have the keyboard. Maybe she'll even do it this weekend...we've been outside a lot this week...which I also love by the way...I'm an outdoor girl for sure...but now it's suppose to be hot and humid and she gets crabby when it's like that so I'm guessing we'll be staying indoors for the most part! Well...I'd better get going for now! I hope you all have a great 4th of's going to be my first one! I've heard about these things called fireworks and I'm really interested in seeing what all the hoopla is about...I just hope I can keep my eyes open long enough to see them! Well...ta ta for now! ~Natee