Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 Months and a little housekeeping...

A little housekeeping is probably what I should be doing instead of writing this blog...oh well...this is more fun :) Well on Sunday Natalee turned 3 months old...I can't believe it! Crazy how fast time goes by! She is smiling more and more every day...although when you see her pictures on here you wouldn't believe it...can't seem to capture her smiles...every time I remember to go grab my camera then she stops! Oh well...I guess that's how it goes :) She babbles like crazy and I told Jon that I think we are going to have an early talker on our hands. It probably helps that I talk to her a lot...some days I bet she wishes I would be quiet! She is sleeping really good...last night she slept from 9:45 to 7:30! I couldn't believe it! She has been sleeping from about 8:30/9 to about 5:30...although a few nights a week she still gets up around 3 for a little snack...here's hoping those times are almost done :) All in all she is a really good baby and we are enjoying every minute of her! Oh yeah...I forgot to tell you about her two months stats...now you probably don't even care...but here they are anyway....she was 22 1/2 inches long and 11 lb 3 oz...I'm really curious to see what she weighs now...she seems like she is getting so much bigger. The other day I had her laying on the floor after changing her diaper and I got up to go throw it away and wash my hands...and when I came back she was laying on her side! So I don't know if she's going to start rolling soon or not but I'm for sure very careful where I lay her now! :) She loves kicking and bringing her legs up too and she really wants to sit straight up like a big girl...so one of my friends gave me a bumbo seat for her to use...and she really likes it :) Well I think that's all the update I have for you on Natalee...I have some pictures also for you...and at the bottom I have her announcement that I finally had done! I wanted to wait for the adoption (or at least the birthmom's part) to be final...my friend from high school designed them for us...check out her website some time: http://www.lilygracedesign.com/ It turned out really cute so make sure you check it out at the bottom of this post...and I am working on sending them out with thank you notes too! So if you got us a gift, thank you so much...so sorry that the thank you cards are soooo late!

Here's Natee's 3 month bear picture! Does she look bigger than last time?!?!
Here's a little smirk from our Natee :)

Natalee got to meet one of Emmalee's nurses on the 23rd of April...we went down and had supper with her! Thanks again Breanna! It was so good to see you!

And then after we had supper with Breanna we drove around a bit by the hospital and then went to the Ronald McDonald House so Natalee could drop in her pop tabs! Doesn't she look so happy to be doing so! ha!

And here are our cute announcements! See...I told you they were cute! Thanks again Nikki for doing them! They turned out wonderful! Again...visit Nikki's site sometime if you need some design work or announcements! She does an awesome job!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Missing her sister...

Yep...you guessed it...and if you've been to our Feldman Baby blog...you already know. I'm missing Emmalee like crazy today...I've been missing her for the last two years but these anniversaries really stir up the emotions and feelings. So I'm holding Natee tight and telling her all about her sister. And I'm sad that they will never have that sister bond...sure she "has" a sister but until Heaven they will never really be "sisters"...but what a reunion that will be! Isn't that exciting to think about! I think so! I can't wait to see Em perfectly healed...with no tubes...no open chest...just her perfect self. Thank you all for your love and prayers for our family...they mean so much. And we are so happy that Emmalee finally has.....a sister! :)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Smiley Girl!

Just thought I'd share a couple cute pictures of Natalee with you all! She is such a good baby...and she is getting to where she smiles all the time now! And she's learning to play...right now she's in her bouncy seat just going to town...making it light up and making the music turn on and the frog and monkey go up and down...she's having a good time :) Otherwise nothing else is too new with us. We met with our attorney to sign some more paperwork and next week we have our adoption post-placement home study...not too worried. But as soon as that is over we can get the court date set and get this all finalized! Yea! I will be happy when it's over...I'm tired of thinking about it all and I'm ready to just move on :) Well that's all for now...I'll talk to you all later!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Celebrating Emmalee

Today Emmalee would have been 2 years old...we are going to take the day and celebrate her...go over to our other blog if you want to read about what we did. And thank you in advance for all the love and prayers you are sending our way...like I told Jon this morning...even after 2 years it doesn't make it easier...the tears still flow and we still miss her like crazy! But God is so good and Natalee has been such an answer to prayer. While she doesn't take Emmalee's place (no one ever could!), she does make the hurt a little less....something about that sweet face and just being able to cuddle her :) Thank you for remember our Emmalee with us!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Easter Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend! Saturday my sister-in-law Britt and my Aunt Suzi threw Natee and I a very nice baby shower...Natee sure did get spoiled...with all the presents and with everyone paying so much attention to her! :) Thank you to everyone that was there...it was a lot of fun...and the gifts...well...they were all too much! Thank you! And thanks for throwing it Aunt Suzi and Britt! While we were there Jon got the opportunity to go to the TWINS game with my dad, Sam and my Uncle Doug...they had a blast. Jon says that the stadium is really impressive and really nice but still not sure about not having a roof over his head...it was a beautiful day that day but on rainy or cold days...still not sure it would be fun to sit outside! We got way too spoiled with the Dome!

Then of course Sunday was Easter! It was our first official holiday as a new family! It was sure fun getting Natee all dressed up and then trying to figure out our outfits to somewhat match hers! :) Our Sunday service at church was amazing...made you long for Heaven just that much more...it's going to be great! And just to throw my opinion out there...there has been a lot of talk of end times and the world coming to an end in 2012...well I don't necessarily believe in that...I do think that this world will come to an end someday...I know that Jesus is coming back and we will be raptured if we believe in Him...I don't believe that it will be in 2012 for sure because it specifically says in the Bible that we do not know the date or time which it will happen...and I don't really get into all the end times stuff 'cause I don't think it does us any good to just focus all our attention on it...because...like my mom always told me..."you're own personal rapture could happen at any moment, so you'd better be ready!" So that's just my opinion on it...we need to be ready to meet our maker at any moment...whether it's during the rapture/end times or whether it be in death...so I just keep trying to live my life for Jesus and pray that I do a good job for Him here on Earth so that when I get to Heaven I will hear, "well done good and faithful servant!" Okay...I will again get off my soapbox...Easter is just a good reminder for us all of what Christ did do for us so that someday we will have life everlasting with Him...and what a good life it will be!

After church we went to the Feldman's and had Easter dinner and our annual Easter egg hunt...it's so much fun watching the kids get into it! Next year Natalee will be running around too...that's hard to believe!

Okay...on to pictures of this little cutie!

Jon's mom gave her this headband and flower at her shower the day before and it matched her dress perfectly! We couldn't believe it! Let's just say she was a hit at church 'cause she looked so stinkin' cute with that big ol' flower on her head!

She was enjoying talking to her cousin Lily

All the kids with their Easter buckets...I made them these pails years ago and they still use them! I had to fix a few this year (probably should have fixed a couple more...oh well...next year) and then of course I had to make Carter and Natee their buckets!

I love her face here...like...I'm not really sure what's going on here and I'm not sure I should like it...and by the way...who is this kid that's laying on me! ha ha ha!

Can you tell it was windy out! But I thought it was a cute family picture anyway!

Another family picture...you can't tell that we are happy can you?!?!?

Jon's mom and dad: Jim and Maralee

Jon's sister, Gretchen, and her family: Dave, Greta, and Julia

Jon's sister, Annette, and her family: Todd, Lily, Luke, Levi and Logan
I love how this picture turned out...I love the angle and the blue sky up above...I did get a closer picture of them but this one is by far my favorite!

Jon's brother, Matt, and his family: Chris, Ella, Jack and Carter

Okay...I think I overloaded you with pictures so I will quit for now! How was your Easter? Hope you all have a great day!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Good Friday!

Hope you all are having a good Good Friday so far. Today is a good day to reflect on what Jesus did all those years ago for us...so that someday we can have eternal life with Him! To be honest it's hard for me to comprehend that someone would do that for me...that He would go to the cross and die for my sins...but that is where faith comes in...knowing that Jesus did exist and He is still alive and working in our lives today! Yea! And even though it's hard to imagine leaving this world someday I know that when I do I'm going to go to a much better place...and again...being honest...I really like my life here and I can't imagine it being any better...but then I think of all that we've gone through and I have days when my heart is so sad...it's in those times that I am reminded of how good Heaven is really going to be and there will be no more sadness, no more tears, no more fears, and no more death! Jesus overcame the grave and therefore we will have life eternal with Him...and what a good life it will be...way better than this earthly life! Can I get an AMEN! :) Anyway...I realize that I haven't posted in a week and so I thought it was time to get some cute pictures of our blessing on here...come on...can you honestly look at this little girl and not melt! God sure has blessed us! These were pictures of her after one of her baths this last week...the girl likes her baths! Enjoy! And...Happy Easter!!!