Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back at it...

Holidays are done, taxes are done, Natalee's birthday is done and so now I am hoping that I will be able to get back on top of this whole blogging thing!! One thing I realized...even though I was itching to get back at it the whole time that we had to wait for Charlie's adoption to be final I might have really only had one or two blog posts in that time! hahaha! Life with three little ones is definitely busy but I see others blogging so I better just give it a shot...but have some grace for me please :)  Like I said...the holidays are over...we had a really good Christmas...Natee really got into it this year and the boys had fun as well.  We decided to do Santa (I know that there are a lot of feelings out there about this but for now we decided to do please don't stop reading my blog because of that!!) and it was really fun.  Natee kept talking about Santa coming to her house and that he was going to come down into her wood stove and daddy told her that he wouldn't light the fire that night so that Santa could come down it...and she put out her cookies and milk...and then Christmas morning came...and usually when she wakes up she comes right into our room if Jon is still in bed (if not she is usually downstairs with him having Daddy/daughter time :) ) but not this morning...Jon nudged me awake and told me we have a little girl awake and so we laid their waiting for her to come in...pretty soon we heard her little feet very quietly going down the stairs...and then all of a sudden her little feet were coming right back up but this time faster than I've ever heard her climb up our stairs.  She was quickly in our room and snuggled in between us.  We said "Good morning Natalee...are you ready to go downstairs?"  "Not yet" was her reply.  So we laid there with her talking about Christmas and what all we were going to do and finally we figured out that she thought that Santa was still in our house!! And that scared her a little bit! hahaha!  I never thought of that!  Too cute and too funny.  Once we explained that he wasn't there she was all excited to go down and see what he had left her.  Jon asked her the night before what she wanted from him (which he got the look for since who knows what she was going to ask for and I certainly wasn't going to be driving to any store to get it) but thankfully she is a easy to please little girl and all she wanted was an ice cream cone :)  And so there was one waiting for her in the freezer :)  All in all is was a great was fun teaching her about Jesus' birthday and why we celebrate.  And every time we went to the library she wanted to go visit the nativity set and say hi to baby Jesus...having a little one makes you stop and really appreciate the birth of our Savior.  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season too!  And now...let's move on since Christmas was so long ago and we are already almost done with February!!
At the end of January we got to celebrate Natalee's birthday...that was a whole lot of fun and I'll have a special post on just that.
I got our taxes done...yea!! 
We celebrated our twin boys that we lost (Owen and Cooper) on February 8th...I wrote them their yearly letter over on's hard to believe that it's been four years since we've said hello and goodbye to them.  I got the video of them out the other day and realized that I don't think I had ever watched it.  I almost forgot how small they really were.  Or how awful I looked that day...but then I had to remind myself that I had been up for over 24 hours and I was fighting to keep them safe inside of I had to give myself a little grace there and chalk it up to what it was...beautiful moments that I am so grateful to have on film.
And then we've just been living life!  Life with these three is really busy...I think I've said that before.  But I seem to manage and they are all alive so I must be doing something right.  We have playdates, trips to the library, Bible Study, and days at home to just relax and cuddle and play with toys.  Just the other day I had the feeling that I was coming out of the survival mode...I've heard that people with twins almost don't remember the first year at all and I can totally  understand that now...even though the boys aren't twins being only 6 months apart I think I can say that it is kinda like having twins...but not really at the same time...maybe that doesn't make sense...anyway...sometime I felt like I was just in survival mode and I would be hard on myself for not taking more pictures or not doing this or not doing that.  But then I just had to tell myself that it was okay...they still have some pictures...they will still love you and you are doing the best job you know how to do.  And that pep talk to myself made me feel better :)  But now that Charlie is 10 months, him and Bennett are playing better together by themselves and so I get that little bit of time to do something else like wash the dishes or do the laundry...and that feels so good.  I do have to say...I love winter but I am so ready for this one to be done so we can get outside again...we are all feeling a little cooped up I think :)  But hey...we are almost done with February!!  Spring is a comin'!! 
Well...I'm starting to ramble so I'll leave you with some random pictures!!  Have a great rest of your week!!
Shaving with Dad :)

Mr. Heartbreaker

Already such a little momma...makes this momma's heart glad!

Normal day...everyone together on the floor :)

I just thought these two pictures of Natee and Charlie were just way too cute not to share!!

Daddy made them a cool little fort/tunnels one day...he's much more fun to have home than mom!!

Every Monday we get to have Carter, my nephew, come over to play for awhile while his mom volunteers and Natee loves it...even thought they fight like brother and sister most of the time!! :) hahaha!!

My two trouble makers!!
Bennett thought these gloves were so cool...cousin Levi brought them over to play with...Bennett would walk around saying "Pow!"

Bennett loves having his hat and coat on!!

Cheese!!  Charlie now had two top and two bottom teeth...and they are so stinkin' cute!!


Becca Groves said...

Oh my word...that story of Natee and Santa. That is so funny that she thought he was still in the house. Let's be honest, I'd be a little terrified too if I thought Santa was hanging out in my house. Glad you got a family snuggle out of the deal.

And the pictures...adorable. I cannot get over how much Natee looks like you. It's amazing.

Ivar also likes to wear his coat in the house. I don't think our house isn't that cold! ...but I think he just likes the pockets and hood.

So happy you're blogging!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family. God Bless.

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What a beautiful season! }tow lovely the children are!